This summer, I had the chance to visit California with my boyfriend. We’ve been dreaming of this photography trip ever since we started dating, I guess. It finally happened and we had the best time visiting Los Angeles and San Francisco along with our cameras. Here’s a few of my favorite shots from LA (SF will follow if I can finally make time to edit my shots). You can see the full project here, on behance. And make sure you hit appreciate if you do!


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Amnesia back-to-school bonus photos

Some of you might remember my back-to-school shooting for Amnesia last summer. For those who haven’t seen the printed campaign, you can see it here. Today, the very talented photographer, Babas, released a few bonus photos from that shooting and I thought it would be fun to share them with you. Also, if ou have a few minutes, do take time to check out his website. Raw talent in its most sparkling form.


Photo credit: Babas

An enormous THANK YOU for the amazing experience and awesome team! Hope I’ll have the chance to do it again! 


Surfing Myrtle Beach / my short video

As I told in a previous post, I shot lots of video sequences during our trip to Myrtle Beach, in order to edit a short video and share it with you and my folks. Video editing is something I am starting to learn and experiment but I can already tell that I love it, and I’m glad I changed my DSLR body for one with HD video recording. This is my second travel short-film and I never get bored of watching them. I like it better than photographs; it’s easy to share and I think people find it more entertaining than a photo album. Now, here’s the final short-video of our 7-days trip with a bunch of amazing people:


What do you guys think about a short travel video instead of photos?


On my wishlist / TheQ camera


You might have noticed, but I am kind of a camera freak. My collection is constantly growing and I can never get enough. Each time I walk into a thrift shop, I go straight to the camera shelves to see if I can come home with a new vintage treasure. I am fascinated by cameras of all kinds. This morning, a friend of mine sent me the web link to that soon-to-be-released awesome gadget. It’s called theQ camera, and it’s now high on my wishlist. I’ve been thinking about getting a waterproof camera for a while, and guess what? This one is! Beyond this cool feature, there are other pretty cool stuff about it, like the ring flash and the automatic upload of your pictures on the web (on a platform called theQ Lab). Cool, uh? Oh and I forgot to mention, a f2,4 aperture and the ability to add filters. God, this camera is pure perfection at a really affordable cost; 199$. You can now preorder it on their (award-winning design) website until the official release in 24 days, and I am counting. Let’s just hope it won’t be sold out for christmas time!


And have you seen the colors? Seriously, I want them all! How am I gonna pick one?

Capture d’écran 2013-09-04 à 09.49.55

Are you as excited as I am about that camera? & which color would you pick?


A too-short stop in New York City


While travelling to Myrtle Beach, we had a few bus stop and one of them was in New York City. We didn’t knew where the bus terminal was until we stepped outside in the magical lights of Times Square. It wasn’t my first time but I was still as impressed as if it was. I know it’s kind of cliché but I swear I was glad I had my camera with me. I know many photographers and photographers-to-be would agree; there’s something in the air of New York. This photograph above is most certainly my favorite, even though it’s a bit blury and out of focus. I took it without even looking in the viewfinder. It’s just a matter of luck and timing. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. Here are some more of the shots I took over there:

NY_4 NY_5 NY_2 NY_3

New York, you got me. I can’t wait to spend more time with you. & next time won’t be a 2-hours stop, I swear!


Life lately, in black and white


As you may know, one of my biggest passion in life is photography. Lifestyle photography. I don’t call myself a photographer at all, but I love trying out new angles and settings. Unfortunately, I have let my camera down a bit lately and I have felt terrible about it. So last week I made a promise to myself that I was going to take it out with me the more possible. I hate missing an extraordinary moment that could have been fixed in time. So you might get to see more of my life through those kind of posts ! Hopefully you won’t get bored of seeing that fluffy face because I’m not about to stop takin pictures of her!

life_3life_4life_2 life_5 life_6


Gimme some polaroid love

This is it. My very favorite camera from my collection. An old automatic 330 polaroid land camera that stills works just fine! When Mika’s mother first called me to inform she just found that camera and thought she’d offer be as a present, I was almost screaming my lungs out in excitement. I had quite a hard time finding a battery to fit in it, because they don’t produce that battery anymore. So I had to order it and wait for a while, but the wait only makes it more worth it they say. I guess that’s true. So after receiving my battery, I ordered Fujifilm Instant color film pack that fit my camera. (In case you didn’t know, polaroid don’t make film anymore, but fujifilm made similar) The film pack are quite expensive, but they are really worth it. I was soo pleaased with the result and the magic of it all that lately, I ordered a black and white film pack to give it a try.

So this above, is the result. I am quite pleased with it. I think I like it even more than the color ones. I’m so happy I get to have those memories with Mika on instant film. It really feels like old stuff. With the imperfections and all. This morning I just got my package from B&H store containing 4 new packs of instant film to shoot. I just can’t wait to show you the results!

Our summer roadtrip in analogue

Hey there folks, I know this is awkwardly late to present to you some of my pictures from our summer roadtrip, but hey, I’ve been super busy and well, no excuses, my fault. Well, this is some of the shots I snapped with the camera I bought on our way back so I don’t have much, but enough to tell you I looooove that Diana camera. I also customized it afterward, so you might get a chance to see it on a next D.I.Y. post. enjoy !

We had a blast, we really did. I just can’t wait to travel with my man again.