Gimme some polaroid love

This is it. My very favorite camera from my collection. An old automatic 330 polaroid land camera that stills works just fine! When Mika’s mother first called me to inform she just found that camera and thought she’d offer be as a present, I was almost screaming my lungs out in excitement. I had quite a hard time finding a battery to fit in it, because they don’t produce that battery anymore. So I had to order it and wait for a while, but the wait only makes it more worth it they say. I guess that’s true. So after receiving my battery, I ordered Fujifilm Instant color film pack that fit my camera. (In case you didn’t know, polaroid don’t make film anymore, but fujifilm made similar) The film pack are quite expensive, but they are really worth it. I was soo pleaased with the result and the magic of it all that lately, I ordered a black and white film pack to give it a try.

So this above, is the result. I am quite pleased with it. I think I like it even more than the color ones. I’m so happy I get to have those memories with Mika on instant film. It really feels like old stuff. With the imperfections and all. This morning I just got my package from B&H store containing 4 new packs of instant film to shoot. I just can’t wait to show you the results!

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