Work well done

Today is a hunt-for-inspiration day. Having some photo shoot coming my way, I decided to look for something refreshing to quench my thirst. Here I got it. Ana Dias portefolio on behance is just mind-blowing. Bring me some beach & vintage swimsuits, I wanna take some shots as cool as hers. Pleeeeaaaaaaaaaaase !

In front of the lens

Lately, Mika & I have been asked to pose for a photographer for a lovely-couple-shoot. We sure accepted the offer. I never been too confortable being in the front of a lens, probably because I’ve always been behind it. But I thought it could only be fun and bring a new vision of the photographer profession. Turned out Veronique was one of the nicest woman I’ve ever met. Five minutes later, it felt like we’ve known each other for years. It was this surreal connexion of ideas and this same photographic vision. Lifestyle shoot has always seduced me more than white background and phony faces. So i’m pretty happy with the results.

Thank you so much Veronique for your amazing work.

Drop by her website to see more of her work,
and if you get a chance, book a lifestyle shooting with her, she’s amazing, I swear !

Oh snap!

Oh lovely times! Saturday was a great one spent with my man. We just walked downtown, talked, shopped, visited each other’s family (mother’s day brunch on his side, and my older brother’s birthday on mine), along with Holga to snap it up. We can finally say it’s summer up here, and enjoy the sunshines while spending time together. Our schedules don’t exactly fit well so when we get to have a whole day together, we’re kinda really excited about it.

Who says summers says ice cream! We sure ended that one out with a tasty treat !

Monday brings the work back, with a load of sun on our side. Not so bad!
Have a nice week everyone.

P.S. Roxane is coming back from Nova Scotia tonight and I just can’t wait to see her! xx

Amazing find

So I was digging up old photo albums and stuff, looking for great photographs of my mom and I found this picture on my computer named lyly. Curiously, I’ve never seen it before, but couldn’t get my eyes off of it. So I sent it to her asking her if she was one of those little girls chillin’ out on that hood, and waited the answer with fingers crossed. Thank god she is, I can share it in here! Everything about this picture is amazing! The car, especially! When she told me this was my grandpa’s car I felt some kind of pride. I know he would smile reading that post. Now, I’ll file that photo safely, maybe frame it or something ..


Style shoot ft. Genevieve Joly

This weekend was amazing. I had the chance to shoot one of my gorgeous friend on a perfectly sunny weather for a style shoot. The kind of combination that totally makes my day. Isn’t she the kind of natural beauty that makes you wanna stare a while? That shot over here is certainly my very favorite. That doll-like face is killing me. And let’s be honest, that light fringe shirt is a must-have for the coming season!

Model: Genevieve Joly
Photographs: Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Thank you so much for being such a great model!

Oh snap!

Yesterday was a perfect day to spend outside. So my friends and I went out on a walk in the forest. I surely brought my friend Holga along to capture some moments of this feel-good day. The temperature was fresh enough to keep the coat on, but sunny enough to feel warm. Perfection, did I mention? Oh, how I love spring time. Definitely my favorite season of the year.


Life lately according to my phone

1. Opening a new parcel makes me soooo happy. I guess that’s why I order so much on the internet.
So my mailbox doesn’t feel so empty ! (polkadot pantyhose this time!)

2.3. Having a sweet snack at my favorite café with some of my true friends.
I love drinking water in these all-famous mason jar.

4. Driving in springtime. Obviously one of my hobbies.

5. Mika getting inked with my bro at his local tattoo shop !

6. Falling deeply in love with a boat. I wish I was a sailor sometimes.

7. Late sleeping ❤

8. 9. Bought a new pair of those TOMS shoes, feels like i’m saving the world.


Oh snap!

Today, was a lovely day to shoot outside. The temperature was so comfortable up here and everything was in place to make it a perfect day. So I took Holga out on a date with its fisheye lens, to shoot some interesting stuff. I loaded it with a Lomography X-Pro Chrome for the first time, and just loved how it turned out. And I was lucky enough to catch this amazing boat on the coast. This picture is my favorite of the day.



’round my mind


What is it to be young? When was it that we were too young? How long can I stay young. Forever, I guess. If I keep the simple rules of enjoying life in mind. I love thinking about how much I love simple things. How I want to grab all of these when then get to me. I guess that’s why I take so many shots. It’s my way of keeping the good around, of holding on to a sunset, or a nice place.

To every young-at-heart, thanks for being. Thanks for holding on to what matters .


Ladies ..

I am so sorry ladies, to tell you this; but I got the best man on earth ! I know this is kinda heart-breaking but i’m not sharing him (sorry!). On the other hand, consider yourself lucky, there are many almost-best guys out there ! I bet you can find one that fits you quite well, if you haven’t already ! (you know i’m kidding, right?) Happy Easter Weekend Everyone !