Beauty tips / Taking care of makeup brushes

Cleaning your brushes

Over the next few weeks, I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite products that you can use on a daily/weekly basis use. We clean our faces, but what about our makeup brushes ? We use them every day and don’t always take care of cleaning them. I think it’s essential to clean them in order for your brushes to last longer and it also prevents you from spreading bacteria on your skin.

These are my favorite beauty products for taking care of makeup brushes :

Daily brush cleaner by Sephora

You may spray a few pumps on your brush when you’re done using it, it dries quickly and then you can use the same brush to apply the next product. Doing this prevents spreading germs, plus it leaves a pleasant smell. Repeat after each use. With this cleaner, you can invest in a few good brushes instead of having one for each purpose.

Purifying brush shampoo by Sephora

In combination with the daily cleaner, this shampoo will help you preserve your brushes for a lifetime. Just make sure to follow cleaning instructions and to let them dry face down.

daily brush cleaner / background flowers 1 / background flowers 2 / purifying brush shampoo


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Mix&Match / denim overall


There’s something about the denim & stripes match, don’t you think? As if it was meant to be! And since I have this everlasting obsession with denim overalls, it just feels natural to mix a striped jersey with this beloved statement piece. Oh and have I been clear enough about my love for rain boots? This would definitely complete my dream outfit today, with the rainy-but-kinda-warm weather. How I wish the sun would shine! Until then, carrying my mustard shoulder bag seems like a good way to brighten up my day.

Fun fact / Last week, one of my coworker wore about the exact same outfit. I showed her my drawing, we had a good laugh about it and we ended up assuming we had very similar tastes for outfits.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful (and not so rainy) week so far! xx


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Cheers! / Collaborating with Help Ink

Remember my post about watercolor quotes? Help Ink recently asked me to collaborate with them on an inspiring typographic watercolor design for prints and cards. For those who aren’t familiar with Help Ink, it’s a collaborative project, using the sale of premium and exclusive art to help charities in an exciting way. For every 5 dollars spent, 1$ goes directly for a good cause. Awesome, isn’t it? You’d guess I was more than pleased to team up with them on such a cool project! So here’s the final result:

help ink cheershelp ink cheers

It’s called Cheers and I decided to go with a quote that simply represents pure happiness for me, through small and unsuspected pleasures, like having a banana milkshake. I’ve always been drawn to this idea of gathering and enjoying all the little pleasures in life instead of waiting for the big happy circumstances.

My print is actually on new-release sale, so better catch it before it’s back to normal price! You can buy it here. & see all the products here. Please, let me know if you buy it, and I’d be more than happy to see a picture of where you hung it! Make sure you check out the other projects too, there are some pretty amazing artists out there! (and I do have to mention my favorite typographer; Jessica Hische!)

Finally, a big thanks to Help Ink for this collaboration! Cheers!


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Crush of the moment / Biotherm deep serum

I’m soooo happy to introduce you to my friend Marie Pier, who recently joined this blog as a contributor. She is a graphic designer and web developper by day, and a pet lover by night. Her mind-blowing sense of details and taste for home decor leads her beliefs in the power of a gorgeous home. She’s here to share her passion for home styling along with her obsession with beauty products! Welcome Marie-P! May this be your second home. -M

Aquasource deep serum from Biotherm

Hey Spring, you are finaly here ! I just wanted to share with you my crush of the moment and one thing that inspired M and I for the DIY concrete project we did last week (don’t worry you’ll see that soon enough). I really like that concrete console table, but it’s definitely out of my budget (443$ !). I may use it as inspiration in a future project! I love the whole concept of this room, especialy its brightness, maybe I’m just tired of looking at the dirty sidewalks.

Anyway, Spring has sprung and I like to take a particular care of my skin during this time of the year to be ready for Summer. I must confess, I cannot skip a day without using the Biotherm serum that I’ve been using for the last year or so. It’s a bit expensive (60$), but you don’t need much to cover your face (and a bottle lasts for about six months, on a twice a day basis) and you can easily save on your day/night cream (you’ll need less in combination with the serum). It really helps to prevent dehydration and it brightens your skin. How do you prepare yourself for Summer ?

room set up / console table / aquasource deep serum


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Fav beauty products from Ipsy (so far)

Remember my posts about beauty boxes? After being suscribed to Topbox for about 6 months, I decided to try another company I’ve been referred to by a friend; Ipsy. Very similar to all of those beauty box company, delivering beauty products samples to you each month, Ipsy has something more; it’s packaged in a different oh-so-pretty glam bag every time. It costs 16$/bag (shipped to you door) but I can guarantee the products are worth the price! I’ve been more than pleased with every bag so far and I can’t get myself to unsubscribing, even if my drawers are loader with cosmetics. It’s insane! It’s been 7 or 8 months since I received my first glam bag and I wanted to share some of my very favorite products so far!

ipsy favorites

1. Benefit’s porefessional balm
One word? magical! This awesome product is a pre-foundation balm made to minimize the appearance of pores. The texture is insanely soft and it works like magic on skin! You definitely have to try this.
get it here
2. Zoya nailpolish
Believe me, I’ve tried MANY brands of nailpolishes but this one has reached #1 in my heart! Easy to apply, no lumps or bumps and lasts about a week without chipping. I’ve received two shades so far but this soft lilac is my very favorite!
get it here

3. Mica shimmer powder
It’s sold as an eye shadow but I use it as a soft glow on my upper cheeks. Simply love the shimmer!
get it here
4. Malin+Goetz mojito lip balm
I’m not a huge fan of lip balms, but this one leaves my lips feeling so hydrated! Gotta thank Ipsy for this!
get it here
5. Benefit They’re real mascara
Remeber my post about my favorite mascaras? Well, let’s just add this one. It’s not on the cheap side but certainly worth it!
get it here

6. Be a bombshell lip crayon
Bright red lipstick is a girl-must-have. This crayon makes it easy to apply, easy to carry, and the smooth texture is fun to wear. I don’t think I will ever get bored of wearing this hot damn shade!
get it here
7. Cailyn eye liner
I always wear black eyeliner so when I first unpacked this purple gel eyeliner with a built-in brush, I have to admit I was unsure. Now i’m just obsessed with how good my eyes look with it! Definitely my #1 eyeliner up-to-date.
get it here


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Well done / Freres d’encre branding

Some of you might know this, my brother Alex is a tattoo artist. He’s been doing this job for quite some time now and I’m very proud and impressed whenever I see an art piece he did (no wonder why I am so obessed with tattoo designs and all!). He’s been working full-time for Freres d’Encre, a tattoo shop situated downtown Trois-Rivières, ever since the shop opened in September 2010.

Recently, the shop launched their new mind-blowing branding along with an amazing website (all credits to Carolane Godbout and Sebastien Dust Leblanc) and I thought the team and designers deserved a well-done mention in here. Do take time to check it out! And make sure you take a look at the complete behance project here.

freres d'encre

Hope you guys are having an amazing week so far!


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Mix&Match / high-waisted striped shorts

outfit / striped shorts

I recently had the opportunity to work on a character illustration using watercolor for a friend/client. Then came the idea of drawing myself in different outfits I wear daily and outfits I would love to wear (if my wallet wished the same) to experiment my watercolor techniques. Those sketches gave birth to this new mix&match column; an ongoing serie of self-portraits that I will posting here. Hope you guys like it!


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A sweet birthday treat

blueberry and white chocolate cupcakes

Last week, one of my co-worker celebrated her 23rd birthday. I made her those easy & delicious cupcakes for the occasion. We have this thing at the office that every birthday someone brings a sweet treat for everyone to share and enjoy at mid-afternoon break. I love this idea! Taking 15 minutes in a day to celebrate a friend while enjoying a home-cooked dessert is not much of an effort!

Since she’s very stylish and girly, I wanted to make cupcakes that reflect her style.  A few onths ago, Wholeport sent me those hard muffin cups and I thought they’d be perfect for her. A simple blue and purple ombre icing and a few homemade flags matched the cute polka dot cups just fine!

blueberry and white chocolate cupcakesblueberry and white chocolate cupcakes


The recipe
As simple as ABC, this recipe was created solely out of my love for white chocolate and blueberries. I already had those two ingredients at home, so I simply decided to add some (about a cup of each) to a store-bought white cake mix and bake it like instructed on the box (I figured those muffin cups need a little more baking time than ordinary paper liners). The berries and chocolate chips ended up ad the bottom of the cakes but they tasted like heaven anyway. Colleagues approved!

The ombre icing
I often get asked how I do this ombre icing that have been my signature on many cakes and cupcakes. I should do a tutorial but honestly it’s too easy to explain. Simply prepare two or three small bowls of icing mixed with food colouring to get different shades. Then randomly fill an icing bag by alternating colours (using white with 2 colours gives great results). When pressing the icing out of the bag the colours will mix and you will get a nice ombre.

 blueberry and white chocolate cupcakes

Will you guys try this? Let me know if you do! &do take time to celebrate your friends, families and co-workers :) It’s always appreciated!


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Ear balm / Records I can’t get enough of

Colours & beyond ; I’ve missed you so much!
I’ve been quite busy lately, it’s crazy how much a puppy can change your life.

On my birthday, my dear boyfriend got me, among other things, a lovely Crosley turntable. Since then, I have bought a few records and there are some that I simply cannot stop listening to! The two records I’m addicted to are Dave Hause “Devour” and Northcote’s self-titled album. Believe me, they are played a lot on my light blue beauty.

northcotedave hause

I bought those records a few months ago when I went to see the two artists play at The Carleton, here in Halifax. The show was great. Dave and Matt played Same Disease, from Dave’s album Devour and Worry from Northcote’s album “Borrowed Chords, Tired Eyes” together and it made me so happy! Their music is sincere and heartfelt.

I didn’t know Northcote very well so I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to buy the record, but after hearing and seeing Matt on that stage, there was no doubt. He just throws it in your face. His tenor voice gives you chills and his presence cannot leave you indifferent. If you’re looking for an indie-pop record to brighten your rainy days (perfect for Halifax), this one is a must!

Dave Hause – Devour
I fell in love with Dave’s music when I first heard his album Resolutions and to my surprise, Devour is just as good. My favorite song on the album is definitely Same Disease, which I listen to all-the-time. The CD plays in loop in my car and the record helps me cleaning my apartment. On stage, Dave’s stage presence is great and the fact that he brought his younger brother, Tim, with him on tour gave some kind of je-ne-sais-quoi. I saw Dave in concert a few times so far and he never disappoints.  I’d recommend this record to anyone!

What should I buy next?

Photo sources 1 / 2


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My spring wishlist

spring wishlist

Yes I know this one is for babies, but I can only hope they offer it in women size! I just loooooove the heart pocket idea, and I need need NEED a new overall for springtime!
Lately, I’ve been thinking about adding this boyish accessory to my style. This summer, I’m planning on doing it!
Hair accessories
I should definitely add more bows and hair accessories to my outfits.
Rain boots
I just can’t get over how cute, comfortable and practical rain boots are! I wish I had a pair of every color to match every outfit I wear.

Mint oxfords
With around 50 pairs of shoes in the closet, I guess you can call me a shoe-addict. This spring, I’m drawn to everything mint and a pair of mint oxfords would be just right.
Pale Jeans
I don’t remember the last time I wore a pair of those pale worn-out jeans, although I think they are among the very essentials a girl should own. Isn’t it a shame? Hop, on my shopping list!
Gradually adding more greenery to my apartment is one of my spring goals! Although I’m ridiculously black thumbed, I’m hoping that I can take care of 2 or 3 more plants. Succulents for the win!

They make for the perfect everyday lazy/comfy/easy outfits. I just need a new striped beauty like this cute Topshop striped tunic!

So I’ve been carrying the same purse around for 2 years and a half. Don’t I deserve a new one?!
White Converse shoes
White converse shoes have been on my wishlist for 3 years, it’s finally time I treat myself with those perfect classic & casual beauties!
Gym clothes
Having a beach body ready for summer is all about working out! And working out is always easier in cute & comfy shorts!


Overall / Oxfords / Striped dress / Cap / Jeans / Purse / Hair clips / Converse shoes / Rain boots / Plant / Shorts

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