From my closet / California dreamin’


Last summer, my boyfriend and I travelled to sunny California to discover and snap photos of Los Angeles and San Francisco (I should finally be editing photos of SF anytime soon!). While we were in L.A. Pier-Luc took a few pictures of me for a potential style post that I obviously forgot about until now. Funny seeing myself with brown hair now that I’ve  been keeping them way lighter for a while! & how I miss the warmth of summer!


I borrowed this sleeveless t-shirt from a friend while packing my suitcase without even realizing it was written California on it. ha! I paired it with my favorite boyfriend jeans for the comfiest walking-around-in-L.A. kind of days. Though, the sun was pretty hot & shiny out there and I did not bring anything to cover my head so I bought a cap on our first day, and I found this hat at H&M on our second day, in Santa Monica. I’ve been looking for a large sunhat for a while and I’m glad I brought one home! Now I can’t wait for next summer to wear it again (not the best match with a winter coat!).


Pants: Simons / T-shirt: borrowed / Hat: H&M / Glasses: ClearlyContacts / NailPolish: Essie

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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My holiday beauty essentials


Fake nails
There’s no way I can make time in my holiday schedule for painting my nails, waiting for it to dry, chipping the polish off and starting over every two days. No way. That’s why fake nails are a serious life saver when it comes to holidays. KISS released an awesome glittery collection that are just perfect this season! Check it out!

Blush is just such and underestimated power tool to add a radiant and lively vibe to any faces. Just a touch of blush on my cheeks (okay, and a little concealer!) will make all the difference on the 6th party in a row!

Fake lashes
Ever since I tried fake lashes, I’m looking for occasions to wear them. Seriously. And the Looks-so-natural collection by KISS is putting all of the others to shame! Their tapered ends blend seamlessly with your own lashes so no one will notice they’re fake. But everyone will notice how great your eyes look!


Hair care
Winter is quite harsh on my skin and hair. That’s why I take extra care of them during these cold months. My #1 hair product this year is without a doubt the Split end mender by Marrakesh. I discovered it in my monthly ipsy bag, and it’s awesome! It’s a leave-on cream that instantly helps split ends, leaving my hair feeling sooo so soft and heathy-looking! And the smell is simply divine! Yay!

Christmas is the perfect occasion to wear bold lipstick some might not be willing to pull off at the office on any given day! For me this isn’t a problem, but it’s for sure a reason to take my reddest, flashiest lipstick out! I particularly dig the Colorbust lip crayon from Revlon (gotta love its matte finish!) and the lip stain I bought from Joe Fresh.

What are YOUR holiday beauty essentials?


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Dreamy AirBnB

I discovered AirBnb last summer, and to be completely honest, it totally blew my mind and inspired me to travel the world and meet total strangers. If you haven’t heard about it yet, AirBnb is a community marketplace where guests can book spaces from hosts, connecting people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay. Last summer we rented a room in a trailer park in L.A. and the cutest little garden house in Oakland. Totally worth it, I swear. We got to meet awesome folks that gave us great advices in terms of what to visit and what not to. Today, I stumbled upon one of the cutest rental place on Airbnb; a small tree house loaded with charm. Check this out!

5a0f1151_original airbnb_3c0c11107_original

Isn’t this the cutest rental place on Earth? Well, I guess not, but I would definitely rent this place for a lovely getaway if I was in Atlanta. Would you?


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Aery – a new statement font

As you guys probably know by now, I am a font/typography addict. I guess I was probably even born to create fonts and explore in that area. So here I am, releasing my second font as a gift to you dear font-lovers and designers of all kind from around the globe. I describe it as a bodoni-inspired statement font as bad ass as glamorous with a serious load of charm. I am releasing it free-for-personal-use so may this be the font you were looking for to showcase your creativity in any way you like. Oh, and feel free to show me the result of your work, it’s always a pleasure! Hope you guys enjoy :)


Click through to download the font & see it in use.

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Winter nailart with the body shop


Winter is settling in and so is my stay-at-home-fever. One of my favorite indoor activities is to paint my nails. My friends & I do this a lot when we don’t feel like doing much and I think it’s fair to say that we enjoy it. Chatting about boys, gossiping about anything and everything while testing different manicures…  Girl business at its best, you know!

When The Body Shop sent me over some of their new colour crush nail polishes along with there new nail pen, I knew they’d take part in our girly get-togethers. The shades are great, the quality as well, but what truly blew my mind is that tiny little tool that makes it almost impossible to miss your nail art. It’s a twin-tip metal tool that you can use with any nail polish to create details like dots or lines (as suggested on the tool itself). One of the manicures we ended up doing was inspired by the first snow day. It’s as easy as quick, and you won’t believe how useful this little tool is!

How? You start by applying a first coat of nail polish. We chose 710 Big Smoke which is a charcoal grey. Let dry. When it’s completely dry, dip one tip of the tool (you decide if you prefer smaller dots or bigger) in a lighter shade of polish and paint small dots starting at the tip of the nail, just like little snowflake falling from the sky. TADA. You have it. The cutest winter-themed nails. I’m sure it looks as good in other color combination as well!


Oh, and speaking about The Body Shop, have you guys seen their Black Friday deal? For only 30$ you can get a tote filled with 8 customer favorites (like the Shea Body Butter, the Strawberry Shower Gel, the Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and the Hemp Hand Protector…) with any 30$ purchase. It’s worth 120$ so that’s what I call a deal! Plus, there are others mix & match deals going on, so don’t miss out if you’re looking for awesome stocking stuffers or a little something to treat yourself !


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My fall wishlist

So here we are AGAIN. That time of year we wave goodbye to sweet summer days and eating ice cream cones by the pool, and say hello to wool socks & melancholic playlists (am I the only one?). Sure, fall can make us feel a little heavy-hearted and it’s tempting to splurge on anything to make us feel a little better. & that’s why I’m writing down a wishlist, to stick to what I really need (or want the most).


Cute mittens
No matter how cold it is outside, it always feels better with cute mittens on. Don’t you agree?
Red dress coat
I love dress coats almost as much as I love dresses (which is a LOT). &I can totally see myself walking around in a red dress coat.
To me, this season comes with a little lack of motivation. But this doesn’t mean lack of ideas, not at all! That’s why I need cute notebooks to write all of them down for later!

Sweater weather
Fall screams comfy and warm outfits, and nothing compares to soft sweaters in comfy-business.
Gold watch
I don’t know why this item is STILL on my wishlist, but I really have to get myself a stunning gold watch. I just HAVE to.
Sweat pants
Indoor adventures and movie nights with my man is what fall is all about. &Since I plan on wearing sweat pants all the time, I’ll need a few extra pairs.

Changing season means changes. Like changing wallet, which I really need.
Funny socks
I feel like funny sock could really cheer me up during this time of seasonal affective disorder. 
Tartan scarf
Isn’t tartan out? Said no one ever.
I need one of those scarves.
Wool headband
Bye bye cold ears. Hello stylish bed head.

What’s on YOUR wishlist?
See all the details from my montage here.


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From my closet / custom t-shirt


Being considered an artist, the word custom is undoubtedly one of my favorite. Anything custom is good news, and means creating something new & unique. When HiCustom suggested I design my own t-shirt and have it printed, I could’t resist the urge to smile. YES. Of course I will! First, I thought: I want to make a very simple type-based design and a shirt that is versatile. Black and white. Boyish fit. Simple and yet the best combination to wear with almost anything, anywhere.

And then I thought: hey Roxane’s birthday is coming soon, why not design something meaningful that would remind us of each other and have it printed twice! Aren’t unique custom gifts the best? So that’s how the forever foolish design was born. Because between her and I, nothing else matters. Just friendship & laughter. Forever, even miles apart. (Oh please, don’t cry!) Oh, and I’d like to mention that her boyfriend proposed to her this week and I am SO SO SOOOOOO HAPPY for them and SOOOO excited for this upcoming wedding (meanwhile. you might see a few posts about weddings.. just sayin’). CONGRATS to my favorite couple in the world :)


For today’s style post, I decided to pair this my fresh-printed t-shirt with my favorite high-waisted worn-out jeans and my new forever-favorite pair of Vans shoes. I say forever because I am pretty positive I won’t ever find a shoe I am more fond of. My boyfriend actually bought them for me as a christmas present (after I declared I would trade anything in the world for them), but couldn’t wait until then to give them to me. Thank you dear!


Oh, and have you noticed my leopard-print nails? They’re nail strips by KISS. I love how they accessorize a simple casual outfit and I still can’t believe how long they last! You have to try this if you never had!


custom tshirt: c/o hicustom / jeans: Simons / purse: H&M / shoes: Vans / Nail strips: KissUSA

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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Work well done / shoutout to my boyfriend

Hi there! I am dropping in to share my boyfriend’s latest work, because I am super-proud of him, and I believe he deserves a big shoutout for this! Elephant is a new indian restaurant bases in Trois-Rivières and Pier-Luc did everything from branding to menus, website design & development. You can checkout the website here! I had the chance to help him out a little for the photo styling and I can tell this won’t be our last collaboration! I am SO grateful to have someone with who I can share the same interests and collaborate on awesome projects such as this one. Can’t wait to see what’s next ! Oh, and if you’re around and in the mood for tasty indian food, I definitely recommend you try Elephant. Belly satisfaction guaranteed!



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