Surfing Myrtle Beach / my short video

As I told in a previous post, I shot lots of video sequences during our trip to Myrtle Beach, in order to edit a short video and share it with you and my folks. Video editing is something I am starting to learn and experiment but I can already tell that I love it, and I’m glad I changed my DSLR body for one with HD video recording. This is my second travel short-film and I never get bored of watching them. I like it better than photographs; it’s easy to share and I think people find it more entertaining than a photo album. Now, here’s the final short-video of our 7-days trip with a bunch of amazing people:


What do you guys think about a short travel video instead of photos?


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    • I use Adobe After Effects, but it’s quite complicated if you never used it. I know Adobe Premiere works great also, and much easier :)

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