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You might have noticed, but I am kind of a camera freak. My collection is constantly growing and I can never get enough. Each time I walk into a thrift shop, I go straight to the camera shelves to see if I can come home with a new vintage treasure. I am fascinated by cameras of all kinds. This morning, a friend of mine sent me the web link to that soon-to-be-released awesome gadget. It’s called theQ camera, and it’s now high on my wishlist. I’ve been thinking about getting a waterproof camera for a while, and guess what? This one is! Beyond this cool feature, there are other pretty cool stuff about it, like the ring flash and the automatic upload of your pictures on the web (on a platform called theQ Lab). Cool, uh? Oh and I forgot to mention, a f2,4 aperture and the ability to add filters. God, this camera is pure perfection at a really affordable cost; 199$. You can now preorder it on their (award-winning design) website until the official release in 24 days, and I am counting. Let’s just hope it won’t be sold out for christmas time!


And have you seen the colors? Seriously, I want them all! How am I gonna pick one?

Capture d’écran 2013-09-04 à 09.49.55

Are you as excited as I am about that camera? & which color would you pick?


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