From my closet : Scalloped shirt

Style_BP_2 Style_BP_4

Woah. Things have been crazy lately and I’ve been over-busy. Now that I’m getting back into tracks, I want to enjoy the rest of the summer before it passes by. And nothing says summer like a colorful skirt with fancy heels! I’ve been into scallops from quite a while now and I couldn’t find the right scalloped shirt. That is until Dresslink sent me this pretty open-back one. Perfect from office hours to nights out! WIN!

Style_BP_1 Style_BP_3

Shirt: Dresslink / Skirt: Dynamite / Hat: Rhythm / Heels: Aldo

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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From my closet: fringed sweatshirt

As far as I can remember, I have always been into fringes, fancy trims, ruffles or any kind or cute clothes add-ons. When YOINS sent me this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G fringed sweatshirt, I was more than charmed. Comfy, cute, casual with a twist, what more could I ask? I love to pair it with my favorite denim jacket and a headband for a perfect fall outfit. With a bold lipstick for a fancy twist.


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The story of 5 letters that almost got lost

I did it again. I made a new font! The thing is, I don’t like when letters get lonely, so when I created 5 of them for a client logo that was rejected, I couldn’t stand the idea of my babies getting swallowed in a creative black hole, where all the sad rejected ideas go. So I created the rest of the alphabet, and the rest is history. Hope you enjoy, and I’d be happy to see if you use it!


Download the font here!
And let me know if you use it :)


From my closet: birdie shift dress


Summer is slowly fading and the only confort I can find in it is trading my tanktops for autumn clothes. As much as I like summer dresses and late-night sunsets, I like the switch of style from one season to another. This style is perfect for the end of summer. When Zaful sent me this shift dress I was amazed by how me this pattern is. Watercolor, birds, colorful. It is a bit short but pairing it with my favorite rain boots makes it less apparent (I don’t like showing off too much of my legs at once I guess). Oh and have a look at my purse! It’s handmade with thick leather and bought directly from the artist in Fes, Morocco. Yes, that’s where I spend my vacations this summer! Hopefully, i’ll be posting some of my favorite shots soon!

zaful_bird_4 zaful_bird_2 zaful_bird_3

Dress: Zaful / Hat: ForeverXX / Bag: Moroccan artist / Boots: Hunter

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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Oh, taylor!


When I saw this amzing print while scrolling down one of my favorite designer’s blog, Cocorrina, I smiled. I just chopped 7 dear inches off my beloved long hair (which was totally liberating by the way), and my friend called me Taylor-swift-with-tattoos. The decision has been hard to make but hey, if taylor can do it, I can too!


Not having enough of lampe berger

Lately, I had the chance to receive the title of brand ambassador for Lampe Berger. This is quite a deal to me because I loooooooved my first lamp so much and don’t think I can live without a sweet fragrances flowing in my apartment anymore. With that being said, I now get the chance to try their new fragrances which makes me irrationally happy. What’s better than a divine-smelling home, especially when you invite people over? Oh and look at the new lamp they sent me! Isn’t it the cutest?


These are the 4 fragrances I got to try lately. Here’s what I think:

Magnificent Vetiver
This limited edition fragrance is nothing short of special. There’s something very sophisticated about it. Although I liked it a lot, I thought it was a little too strong for me so I simply diluted it with a few onces of neutral. and TADAAA! Softer and still very dreamy.

Very useful! This will turn strong scents into softer scents but you can also use it alone when you simply wanna get rid of bad odors in your home. A must-have for any Lampe Berger owner!

Sensual Bouquet
Very feminine and flowery, this smell will leave your home feeling like a romantic getaway. Time for a little seduction game?

Fruit Melody
This one is definitely my favorite. From the moment I poured the liquid inside my lamp I knew I’d stock up on this fragrance in case of world war III (and because it’s a limited edition). Peaches, vanilla & floral notes there’s nothing deceiving about it! Soft, sweet and fruity, just like any of the perfumes I wear on myself.


style inspirations

Lately I’ve been feeling a little wind of change. Going from brunette to white blond (and pink, and lilac, i’m not settled yet!) sure is quite a change and I did have to update my wardrobe quite a bit. Here’s the style moodboard I put up due to my recent head change. Pure black and white. Fun patterns, metallics and sparkles (of course) and a few pops of color (like a cute manicure or a bold lipstick). Doesn’t this moodboard feel relaxing? Like a breath of fresh air. Just like spring, finally! & Aren’t these copper oxford shoes the best?


What’s your style feeling like these days?
You can find all the sources here and here.


A tassels party

If I had to live in an imaginary world, it would probably be all glitters, pastel cakes, vintage bicycles, sprinkles and tassels. With lots of light. ALL DAY. I can’t help it. I’m a kid at heart, and I refuse to grow up on some things. When I stumbled upon Studio Mucci‘s instagram account, it was love at first sight. Studio Mucci is Amina Mucciolo’s colorful design firm and Etsy shop specialized in pastel tassels garlands and piñatas, or in other words; a dream come true. Need I say more?



New favorite: lip & cheek velvet stick


Once again, it seems like The Body Shop don’t know how to deceive me. Ever since I started using their products, I’ve been more than excited to try a new one because it seems like they really get me, my skin and my hair. They just do. And who wouldn’t fall for their cute packaging and the scent of their products. And let’s be honest, their stance against animal cruelty and community fair trade program makes them one of the best beauty product company out there. It’s good to buy from a company that care about the planet.

Now, let me introduce you to me new lil’ favorite from The Body Shop. The lip & cheek velvet stick, or YOUR NEXT PURSE ESSENTIAL. You probably know by now that I am a sucker for bold colored lips and I have an impressive collection of lipsticks. Lip crayon are definitely my favorites, and these new babies are most likely my new go-to colored lip sticks. And not only are they made for your lips, but you can also use them as blush on your cheeks! Big YAY! And the velvety texture and matte finish of them is to-die-for. They’re offered in 6 charming colors (I am wearing 20 Pink) and if you don’t know which one to chose, you can also have it in the universal shade. The stick is black and quite mysterious, but once you apply it on your lips or cheeks, it blends with you skin pH to offer a unique shade. Pure magic, I know! Gotta try it to believe it ;)

Oh and have you seen their new Smoky Poppy Collection? I’ve tried the body butter (perfectly rich for winter harshness), shower gel and body scrub so far and I am enchanted. The smell is simply divine! And I loooooooove the black packaging so badly.

XXX smack!