On its way


As a kid, I often had that feeling. The feeling of excitement that something I waited for so long, is on it’s way. Like my sixth birthday. A school trip. Prom night in my princess dress, or my first car ride, ALONE. The thrilling feeling that I am about to live something GREAT.

Growing up, I don’t experience that as much as I did when I was a kid. But there is something that I still find as magical each year. The approach of summer. The beggining of Spring. The snow that melts away to dry streets. The natural light that lingers in the evening. This is something I never get bored of. This is MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR. And this weekend, we’re having daylight saving time, and I am soo excited for this! I know this may seems crazy, but light and temperature have such a big impact on my mood. Sometimes I catch find myself smiling like a child, when I’m walking on my own in the first days of spring. Oh how I LOVE that feeling.

Photo from society6. To shop this art, click here.


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