Life lately, according to my phone


1. Drawing night, always better with pastry. // 2. Can’t wait for summer to have some picnic with my man again. // 3. I am become a real gold digger, I swear! // 4. This ring I found for less than you can imagine is becoming my new favorite. How cute! And I can’t wait to pair it with that colorful dress! // 5. My man is a soccer player. Yup. I love watching him play. Proud girlfriend, you know! // 6. Sweet leftovers from Valentine’s day. // 7. Mika suprised me for diner and we found ice cream for dessert! YAAYY // 8. Self-film-processing is fun. I can’t get enough of the magic! Can’t wait to put these on paper! // 9. We had a huge snow storm, but why complain with a hat like that! xx

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  1. Can I dive into your phone please?

    Ok… so gold? Oddly a shade I never liked and I’m slowly growing to love. It’s blowing my mind and so are those shoes. Also, my guy is a soccer nut too!

    One last thing… where’d you find that ring? I recently got myself a new arrow ring… and then promptly broke it. Getting out the super glue *sigh*

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