January topbox review / Clinique


For January, Topbox partnered with Clinique to send us a special box. I was quite excited because I always great expectations for that brand. Let’s see what I got:

1. Clinique clarifying lotion. This is just what my skin asks for. I kinda go freak when my skin feels oily after a long day, but that lotion makes it all okay. It cleans all the sebum in just an easy step! Love it!
2. Clinique repairwear laser focus. This one is great too. I cannot tell you what kind of miracles it does yet, but it sure feels good to apply this product around your tired eyes.

3. Clinique strawberry-fudge eye shadow combo. A great soft palette. The kind to wear on a working day to give your eyes just a little boom. Not a huge deal, but certainely a must-have color combo.

4. Clinique rinse-off eye makeup solvent. I am soooo hard to please when it comes to makeup remover. Sometimes too oily, sometimes to sticky. But this is the first too-soapy that I ever had. It works great, but I don’t like having to wash my face all over when using a makeup remover. I will be using it as a travel bottle because of its easy-to-carry size, but I don’t plan on bying some for my home.

That’s it for my january topbox review! Generally, I would highly recommend you guys try Clinique products out, and I am pretty sure your skin will thank you for it! Hope you guys enjoyed! xx


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