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Outfit kid dress 1

Remember when I talked (here and here) about my rather obsessive crush for embroidery this summer? Well, the obsession hasn’t passed and I kept looking for the perfect dress. That is, until I saw this one in the kids department at Target. Perfect shade, perfect finition, I was blown away. Since Chloe thought me that wearing kids clothes is okay, I hadn’t had an ounce of hesitation and took it to the fitting rooms right away. This is the story of a girl who’s dreading the moment she won’t fit the kids size anymore.

Oh, and maybe I should mention that I ran into my boss and his daughter on my way to pay the dress, and he had just bought the exact same one for his little girl! ha!

Outfit kid dress 3Outfit kid dress 2

Last week, I mentionned my new collaboration with Clearly Contacts as a Style Ambassador. This is the Vogue frames that I picked for my starter kit! They add so much personnality to an outfit, and I love styling them in all kinds of ways! I’m so glad I did not go on the safe side and went for bold. Casual glasses are great, but having statement glasses as a second pair is a must, believe me!

Also, you can read my Style Ambassador interview on their blog called The Look, right here!


Dress: Target  /  Glasses: c/o Clearly Contacts  /  Clutch: Nine West  /  Socks: Ebay  / Shoes: Cité

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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