From my closet : Scalloped shirt

Style_BP_2 Style_BP_4

Woah. Things have been crazy lately and I’ve been over-busy. Now that I’m getting back into tracks, I want to enjoy the rest of the summer before it passes by. And nothing says summer like a colorful skirt with fancy heels! I’ve been into scallops from quite a while now and I couldn’t find the right scalloped shirt. That is until Dresslink sent me this pretty open-back one. Perfect from office hours to nights out! WIN!

Style_BP_1 Style_BP_3

Shirt: Dresslink / Skirt: Dynamite / Hat: Rhythm / Heels: Aldo

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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From my closet: fringed sweatshirt

As far as I can remember, I have always been into fringes, fancy trims, ruffles or any kind or cute clothes add-ons. When YOINS sent me this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G fringed sweatshirt, I was more than charmed. Comfy, cute, casual with a twist, what more could I ask? I love to pair it with my favorite denim jacket and a headband for a perfect fall outfit. With a bold lipstick for a fancy twist.


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From my closet: birdie shift dress


Summer is slowly fading and the only confort I can find in it is trading my tanktops for autumn clothes. As much as I like summer dresses and late-night sunsets, I like the switch of style from one season to another. This style is perfect for the end of summer. When Zaful sent me this shift dress I was amazed by how me this pattern is. Watercolor, birds, colorful. It is a bit short but pairing it with my favorite rain boots makes it less apparent (I don’t like showing off too much of my legs at once I guess). Oh and have a look at my purse! It’s handmade with thick leather and bought directly from the artist in Fes, Morocco. Yes, that’s where I spend my vacations this summer! Hopefully, i’ll be posting some of my favorite shots soon!

zaful_bird_4 zaful_bird_2 zaful_bird_3

Dress: Zaful / Hat: ForeverXX / Bag: Moroccan artist / Boots: Hunter

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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style inspirations

Lately I’ve been feeling a little wind of change. Going from brunette to white blond (and pink, and lilac, i’m not settled yet!) sure is quite a change and I did have to update my wardrobe quite a bit. Here’s the style moodboard I put up due to my recent head change. Pure black and white. Fun patterns, metallics and sparkles (of course) and a few pops of color (like a cute manicure or a bold lipstick). Doesn’t this moodboard feel relaxing? Like a breath of fresh air. Just like spring, finally! & Aren’t these copper oxford shoes the best?


What’s your style feeling like these days?
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From my closet / California dreamin’


Last summer, my boyfriend and I travelled to sunny California to discover and snap photos of Los Angeles and San Francisco (I should finally be editing photos of SF anytime soon!). While we were in L.A. Pier-Luc took a few pictures of me for a potential style post that I obviously forgot about until now. Funny seeing myself with brown hair now that I’ve  been keeping them way lighter for a while! & how I miss the warmth of summer!


I borrowed this sleeveless t-shirt from a friend while packing my suitcase without even realizing it was written California on it. ha! I paired it with my favorite boyfriend jeans for the comfiest walking-around-in-L.A. kind of days. Though, the sun was pretty hot & shiny out there and I did not bring anything to cover my head so I bought a cap on our first day, and I found this hat at H&M on our second day, in Santa Monica. I’ve been looking for a large sunhat for a while and I’m glad I brought one home! Now I can’t wait for next summer to wear it again (not the best match with a winter coat!).


Pants: Simons / T-shirt: borrowed / Hat: H&M / Glasses: ClearlyContacts / NailPolish: Essie

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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My fall wishlist

So here we are AGAIN. That time of year we wave goodbye to sweet summer days and eating ice cream cones by the pool, and say hello to wool socks & melancholic playlists (am I the only one?). Sure, fall can make us feel a little heavy-hearted and it’s tempting to splurge on anything to make us feel a little better. & that’s why I’m writing down a wishlist, to stick to what I really need (or want the most).


Cute mittens
No matter how cold it is outside, it always feels better with cute mittens on. Don’t you agree?
Red dress coat
I love dress coats almost as much as I love dresses (which is a LOT). &I can totally see myself walking around in a red dress coat.
To me, this season comes with a little lack of motivation. But this doesn’t mean lack of ideas, not at all! That’s why I need cute notebooks to write all of them down for later!

Sweater weather
Fall screams comfy and warm outfits, and nothing compares to soft sweaters in comfy-business.
Gold watch
I don’t know why this item is STILL on my wishlist, but I really have to get myself a stunning gold watch. I just HAVE to.
Sweat pants
Indoor adventures and movie nights with my man is what fall is all about. &Since I plan on wearing sweat pants all the time, I’ll need a few extra pairs.

Changing season means changes. Like changing wallet, which I really need.
Funny socks
I feel like funny sock could really cheer me up during this time of seasonal affective disorder. 
Tartan scarf
Isn’t tartan out? Said no one ever.
I need one of those scarves.
Wool headband
Bye bye cold ears. Hello stylish bed head.

What’s on YOUR wishlist?
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From my closet / custom t-shirt


Being considered an artist, the word custom is undoubtedly one of my favorite. Anything custom is good news, and means creating something new & unique. When HiCustom suggested I design my own t-shirt and have it printed, I could’t resist the urge to smile. YES. Of course I will! First, I thought: I want to make a very simple type-based design and a shirt that is versatile. Black and white. Boyish fit. Simple and yet the best combination to wear with almost anything, anywhere.

And then I thought: hey Roxane’s birthday is coming soon, why not design something meaningful that would remind us of each other and have it printed twice! Aren’t unique custom gifts the best? So that’s how the forever foolish design was born. Because between her and I, nothing else matters. Just friendship & laughter. Forever, even miles apart. (Oh please, don’t cry!) Oh, and I’d like to mention that her boyfriend proposed to her this week and I am SO SO SOOOOOO HAPPY for them and SOOOO excited for this upcoming wedding (meanwhile. you might see a few posts about weddings.. just sayin’). CONGRATS to my favorite couple in the world :)


For today’s style post, I decided to pair this my fresh-printed t-shirt with my favorite high-waisted worn-out jeans and my new forever-favorite pair of Vans shoes. I say forever because I am pretty positive I won’t ever find a shoe I am more fond of. My boyfriend actually bought them for me as a christmas present (after I declared I would trade anything in the world for them), but couldn’t wait until then to give them to me. Thank you dear!


Oh, and have you noticed my leopard-print nails? They’re nail strips by KISS. I love how they accessorize a simple casual outfit and I still can’t believe how long they last! You have to try this if you never had!


custom tshirt: c/o hicustom / jeans: Simons / purse: H&M / shoes: Vans / Nail strips: KissUSA

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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What to wear / effortless weekday


Lately, I fell into the sportwear trend trap. Suddently, all I could dream of was a new pair of comfy Nike running shoes. &Luckily for me, that’s what my best friend bought me for my birthday! Now my mind is spinning on ways I could introduce them to my looks. Here’s an outfit that screams coziness & effortless (without sweat pants! ha!).

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From my closet / embroidered kid dress

Outfit kid dress 1

Remember when I talked (here and here) about my rather obsessive crush for embroidery this summer? Well, the obsession hasn’t passed and I kept looking for the perfect dress. That is, until I saw this one in the kids department at Target. Perfect shade, perfect finition, I was blown away. Since Chloe thought me that wearing kids clothes is okay, I hadn’t had an ounce of hesitation and took it to the fitting rooms right away. This is the story of a girl who’s dreading the moment she won’t fit the kids size anymore.

Oh, and maybe I should mention that I ran into my boss and his daughter on my way to pay the dress, and he had just bought the exact same one for his little girl! ha!

Outfit kid dress 3Outfit kid dress 2

Last week, I mentionned my new collaboration with Clearly Contacts as a Style Ambassador. This is the Vogue frames that I picked for my starter kit! They add so much personnality to an outfit, and I love styling them in all kinds of ways! I’m so glad I did not go on the safe side and went for bold. Casual glasses are great, but having statement glasses as a second pair is a must, believe me!

Also, you can read my Style Ambassador interview on their blog called The Look, right here!


Dress: Target  /  Glasses: c/o Clearly Contacts  /  Clutch: Nine West  /  Socks: Ebay  / Shoes: Cité

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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