The body shop hand rescue


People living in northern country will know this; winter can be really harsh on skin. The body shop sent me a tube of their hemp hand protector to try and I must say, it really is a skin savior! Hemp seed oil has an high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to repair skin’s moisture barrier, leaving your skin feeling very smooth, without the unpleasant oily feel. No wonder why it’s their #1 selling product in Canada! Plus, the packaging is extra cool; another good reason to stash a tube or two in my purse! Sorry winter, you won’t leave my skin dry anymore!

Pssst! All hand creams are currently 50% off at The Body Shop. Check it out !


My guide to spring bag


With the change of season comes along the change of purse. I am using a black one all winter, but when it comes to spring, I am bored with black leather. Last year, I fell deeply in love with that Volcom satchel-style brown purse. This year, I am still calling it my dream bag, guess that’s why i’m gonna use it again as my everyday purse. Today, I wanted to show you what’s in my bag, what I’m bringing with me everywhere I go. Maybe you’re about to switch purse as well and need to get organize about it!

WALLET / Of course! To keep all your cards, bills and money organize, what you need is a good wallet. I’m thinking about switching to a smaller size, but this Roxy wallet is still a charm. I love them with lots of spaces.

NOTEBOOKS + PEN / I’m not leaving home without a notebook and a pen in my purse. In case of sudden insane ideas or list-making emergencies (god knows i’m a list maker!), there is always a piece of paper to write on.

MOBILE + CHARGER / Yes, of course, everyone is carrying his mobile, you say? But I also figured it is the best place to leave my charger. Always at hand when I need it!

SUNGLASSES / Summer time calls for sunny days! I’m taking my favorite Vans sunglasses wherever I go!

CONTACT LENS CASE / For those of you wearing contact lens, you know they can sometimes get pretty uncomfortable. I’m carrying a case filled with clean liquid so I can take them off without wasting them.

HAND CREAM + NAIL FILE / Dry hands is such a pain. That’s why a little tube of handcream is a life saver (mine is Aveda hand relief). And what about a broken nail that gets stuck everywhere! AAARHG. A tiny nail file will do!

MAKE UP ESSENTIAL + LIP BALMS / I don’t carry my whole make up bag with me, but I like to have my very essentials. Like the lipstick or nail polish I’m wearing. Also, lip balm is a purse essential. My two favorites are the classic Burt’s Bees and the very cute EOS balls. (Each gifted by my dear friend Roxane!)

PILLS / Since I’m a migraine victim, I can’t leave home without Advil or Tylenol.

RINGS / CLASSIC JEWELS / There’s always a ring or two in a pocket of my purse. Sometimes a pair of earrings. I like having my classic jewels at hand, when I feel like my outfit is boring !


What do you keep in your spring/summer purse?


My top 3 favorite mascaras


I am not the girl who likes to invest lots of money into mascara. I’d rather save it for skin care or great make up remover. In the past few years, I have tried lots of them. Brown, thick, black, shimmering, plastic brush, rubber brush, I’ve had them all. I’m not the kind of girl that will always buy the same thing when I find a great product. I like trying lots of them before settling on one, or two. So today I am showing you 3 totally different cheap (less than 15$) mascaras that made the cut for me.

1. L’Oréal Paris Double Extend / I was always skeptical about those two-steps mascara until my mom gave that one to me last Christmas. Twice the time, yes, but the result is stunning. Great lenght and natural results. The eyelashes are so thin and don’t stick to each other. Plus, the white steps makes your lashes feel healthy and smooth.

2. Rimmel London Sexy Curves / This one has been my crush for a while because of the weird brush that shapes the eyelashes perfectly while separating them evenly. Great texture and pure black. AAAAND, I love its packaging.

3. Maybelline The Collosal Volume Express (Cat Eyes) / Even thought I don’t like the smell of most Maybelline mascaras (I know, weird, uh?), that one has a special special place in my heart. I am a fan of cat eyes, because it is sexy and feminine, and that one is you best friend if you are looking for that look. I don’t exactly know why, but that curved brush totally makes the magic happen. Raaaaww !

Do you have any recommandation for my to try? Let me know!


Let’s talk makeup / Mac blush


I’ve always been skeptical about expensive make-up. Why get a 20$ blush when you can get a 5$ one! Sadly for my wallet,  I recently started to love these girly addictions. Guerlain and YSL glosses first conquered my heart, Benefit’s beautiful packaging and Clarins’ mascara followed and now..a MAC blush in Supercontinental is my new favorite. The colour is coral-pink ish and it gives me a bit of a “i just went outside in the sun for a couple hours” look. It lasts all day and I really like it! It’s not shimmering and I’m glad because it’s really not my thing! I’d say that once you’ve found the colour you really want, its worth spending a few more bucks.

What are your favorite make-up items?


January topbox review / Clinique


For January, Topbox partnered with Clinique to send us a special box. I was quite excited because I always great expectations for that brand. Let’s see what I got:

1. Clinique clarifying lotion. This is just what my skin asks for. I kinda go freak when my skin feels oily after a long day, but that lotion makes it all okay. It cleans all the sebum in just an easy step! Love it!
2. Clinique repairwear laser focus. This one is great too. I cannot tell you what kind of miracles it does yet, but it sure feels good to apply this product around your tired eyes.

3. Clinique strawberry-fudge eye shadow combo. A great soft palette. The kind to wear on a working day to give your eyes just a little boom. Not a huge deal, but certainely a must-have color combo.

4. Clinique rinse-off eye makeup solvent. I am soooo hard to please when it comes to makeup remover. Sometimes too oily, sometimes to sticky. But this is the first too-soapy that I ever had. It works great, but I don’t like having to wash my face all over when using a makeup remover. I will be using it as a travel bottle because of its easy-to-carry size, but I don’t plan on bying some for my home.

That’s it for my january topbox review! Generally, I would highly recommend you guys try Clinique products out, and I am pretty sure your skin will thank you for it! Hope you guys enjoyed! xx


November topbox review

Well, I know this is kinda late, but hey, this is my november topbox review!

1. Benefit They’re Real Mascara. Speachless. This is what I’ve been expecting from a mascara all those years. Dark color, great lenght, a brush that separates your lash perfectly. Wow. Even though it’s a small size sample, I totally fell for that one. And the packaging looks super cute.

2. Cuccio Naturale Pomegranate & Fig Butter Blend. Then again, I must say this product left me totally satisfied. Beside it’s amazing smell, this hand and body butter will leave your skin hydrated without a bad oily feeling we often get from hand cream. Thumbs up!

3. Third and forth, a little package of two sample; Pandora’s Makeup Box. Floral Passion Polish and Perfume. I guess the first thing I though when I saw this combo was «oh, this look a little childish». The packaging wasn’t much my style, but it wasn’t gonna stop me from trying those. Unfortunately, I never liked floral perfume much. I’m much more of a fruit girl, so… and the nail polish, well.. the color wasn’t the cutest I’ve seen, but dried quickly. Which is of crucial importance for me! But sadly, it chipped off in few days, so then again, left me unsatisfied!

That’s is for my late november topbox review! Hope you guys enjoyed! xx

Updates from the second most interesting girl on this blog (Aka Roxane)

I’ve been very busy lately..moving and stuff!
Things are now settled and I’m back with some new discoveries that I want to share with you.



Have you seen the new 007 movie? My boyfriend and I did and we really liked it. I have to say that I’ve never been a real Bond fan but going to see this movie seemed to be a good “couple thing” to do. A movie with a lot of action, a bit of romance and no zombies.. perfect to please both parties. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, I’m telling you, it’s a good investment.


Speaking of good investments, here are a few beauty products that I can’t get enough of.

  • Revlon nutri color creme is perfect for girls (or boys with dyed hair) whose hair tends to change color. In my case, the blond of my ombre hair tends to turn gold a bit so I started to use the cream (number 1002, it is purple-ish) to keep a more cendre color. The cream gives your hair the pigment missing to keep the color you want to have. It even smells good!
  • Also, my brother gave me a gift card from Shoppers for my birthday. What a good reason to get a fancy new mascara! I chose Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara in Wonder Blue. You’re probably wondering “why blue?” and I honestly cannot answer your question but the lady said it was her favorite and I just listened to her. I’m happy I did since I really like it! Advice if you ever try it : have a good eye makeup remover. It’s a very tough mascara to wash off.
  • Finaly, last but not least, Sugar lip treatment. Sephora gave me two cute lip treatments from Sugar and they are great! My lips are always so dry and I’m very satisfied with this product.


Wintersleep – Resuscitate
I absolutely love this song ! A good band from Halifax. Support Canadian bands! Their album is called Hello Hum and it is delightful.

Of Monsters and Men
Please someone tell me how their album can be so addictive! That’s all I’m asking for.

M83. – Reunion
Nothing’s just so good!

The last thing I want to say is how good the free weekly singles on iTunes are. I have discovered some amazing bands like Passenger and Two Door Cinema Club. It’s free and an excellent way to discover new artists. Thank you iTunes!

I hope you enjoyed my updates and I’m gonna try to write on here a bit more so Marie-Michelle doesn’t feel too lonely..aaaand because I love doing it, of course!! xo

October Topbox review

Have you heard about the trend of buying boxes of samples? A few months ago, a friend told me about it, and how I should review products on my blog. She told me about four boxes : Glamm boxTopboxLuxe box and Glossybox. I did some research on them, and found that topbox was the most interesting to me. So I decided to give it a try. For 13$/month, you get a box delivered to your door with 4 samples of fancy beauty products.

I subscribed to the waiting list, filled in my beauty profile and waited. I received my first topbox this month and I am quite excited to tell you about it !

1. So let’s start this off with Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. The sample was quite satisfying because it was big enough to use a dozen times. The scent was great but what I didn’t appreciate was the texture. It is full of micro-crystals, and it hurts quite a bit when you scrub it around your face. But I must say, your skin feels extremely clean after using it. I’m not sure I would buy it, because of the general feeling, but I do recommend it if you don’t have sensible skin.

2. MaskerAide Detox Diva Mask was probably my favorite item from my box. Formulated with natural oils, it made my skin extremely fresh and hydrated. Exactly what I need for this winter. And the fun thing is, it is a facial sheet mask, so you don’t have to wash it off your face like usual masks. I loved this product so much that I ordered some more to try. Like that All Nighter I am probably gonna try soon!

3. Aveda Invati shampoo and hair conditionner. Well. I was quite deceived with the size of that one. The shampoo sample was so small that I could only use it only once. The conditionner always lasts a little longer. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here! Well, the smell is kind of heavy, but not bad. It’s just heavy. I wish I could tell you it has magic powers on hair loss (and I definitely NEED one of those products) but I can’t tell you after using it only one time. Too bad !

4. Stila «in the moment» eye shadow palette : ten stunning eye shadow shades that will change your life. Well, maybe not your life, but you will definitely love ‘em. Natural shades for your everyday life along with super cute purple shades to wear out on a friday night, make it a super complete palette. The sample contains enough powder to use several times, and try different combinations. Great quality, great product. I definitely recommend these, if they fit your budget!

I can’t wait to get my November topbox, and to try new products to share here. I hope this was helpful! xx


Let’s talk makeup

Thanks to my friends AnneMarie and Marie-Michelle, I discovered two amazing beauty products. First of all, let’s talk about Lise Watier Féline eyeliner. It is super easy to use, it can last all day without any problem and it costs less than 20$! How great is this? You can find it at any Shoppers or the Bay nearest you.

My second great discovery is Sephora’s matte top coat by O.P.I. Any of your favorite nail polishes can now be shiny or matte. It looks good on every nail polish color and I absolutely love it!

Get them, fast!