My guide to spring bag


With the change of season comes along the change of purse. I am using a black one all winter, but when it comes to spring, I am bored with black leather. Last year, I fell deeply in love with that Volcom satchel-style brown purse. This year, I am still calling it my dream bag, guess that’s why i’m gonna use it again as my everyday purse. Today, I wanted to show you what’s in my bag, what I’m bringing with me everywhere I go. Maybe you’re about to switch purse as well and need to get organize about it!

WALLET / Of course! To keep all your cards, bills and money organize, what you need is a good wallet. I’m thinking about switching to a smaller size, but this Roxy wallet is still a charm. I love them with lots of spaces.

NOTEBOOKS + PEN / I’m not leaving home without a notebook and a pen in my purse. In case of sudden insane ideas or list-making emergencies (god knows i’m a list maker!), there is always a piece of paper to write on.

MOBILE + CHARGER / Yes, of course, everyone is carrying his mobile, you say? But I also figured it is the best place to leave my charger. Always at hand when I need it!

SUNGLASSES / Summer time calls for sunny days! I’m taking my favorite Vans sunglasses wherever I go!

CONTACT LENS CASE / For those of you wearing contact lens, you know they can sometimes get pretty uncomfortable. I’m carrying a case filled with clean liquid so I can take them off without wasting them.

HAND CREAM + NAIL FILE / Dry hands is such a pain. That’s why a little tube of handcream is a life saver (mine is Aveda hand relief). And what about a broken nail that gets stuck everywhere! AAARHG. A tiny nail file will do!

MAKE UP ESSENTIAL + LIP BALMS / I don’t carry my whole make up bag with me, but I like to have my very essentials. Like the lipstick or nail polish I’m wearing. Also, lip balm is a purse essential. My two favorites are the classic Burt’s Bees and the very cute EOS balls. (Each gifted by my dear friend Roxane!)

PILLS / Since I’m a migraine victim, I can’t leave home without Advil or Tylenol.

RINGS / CLASSIC JEWELS / There’s always a ring or two in a pocket of my purse. Sometimes a pair of earrings. I like having my classic jewels at hand, when I feel like my outfit is boring !


What do you keep in your spring/summer purse?


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