Things change


I’m putting together all my courage to write those words. I know this might seem silly, logging into my blog and pressing few letters on a keyboard isn’t that hard, but coming back here after 4 months is. I’ve been going through lot of changes during these past months and some of them I had a hard time facing; like ending a 3-years relationship with my boyfriend. I’ve built this blog with him by my side somehow (supporting me more than I could ask for) and as hard as I tried to find the courage to write here after we decided to put an end to our relationship, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I took some serious time to think and came up to the conclusion that no matter how hard you want them to stay the same, things change.

Now I finally feel at peace with myself (or almost) and decided I wasn’t gonna let go of all the efforts I’ve put in here since I created this blog. I might not be posting as much as I used to and I will try to speak less about personal stuff (after this post, of course!). I will try to focus on getting better as a designer, photographer and illustrator and I will share with you my recent projects. Any feedbacks about those are appreciated!

And thanks for being here.


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