From my closet / custom t-shirt


Being considered an artist, the word custom is undoubtedly one of my favorite. Anything custom is good news, and means creating something new & unique. When HiCustom suggested I design my own t-shirt and have it printed, I could’t resist the urge to smile. YES. Of course I will! First, I thought: I want to make a very simple type-based design and a shirt that is versatile. Black and white. Boyish fit. Simple and yet the best combination to wear with almost anything, anywhere.

And then I thought: hey Roxane’s birthday is coming soon, why not design something meaningful that would remind us of each other and have it printed twice! Aren’t unique custom gifts the best? So that’s how the forever foolish design was born. Because between her and I, nothing else matters. Just friendship & laughter. Forever, even miles apart. (Oh please, don’t cry!) Oh, and I’d like to mention that her boyfriend proposed to her this week and I am SO SO SOOOOOO HAPPY for them and SOOOO excited for this upcoming wedding (meanwhile. you might see a few posts about weddings.. just sayin’). CONGRATS to my favorite couple in the world :)


For today’s style post, I decided to pair this my fresh-printed t-shirt with my favorite high-waisted worn-out jeans and my new forever-favorite pair of Vans shoes. I say forever because I am pretty positive I won’t ever find a shoe I am more fond of. My boyfriend actually bought them for me as a christmas present (after I declared I would trade anything in the world for them), but couldn’t wait until then to give them to me. Thank you dear!


Oh, and have you noticed my leopard-print nails? They’re nail strips by KISS. I love how they accessorize a simple casual outfit and I still can’t believe how long they last! You have to try this if you never had!


custom tshirt: c/o hicustom / jeans: Simons / purse: H&M / shoes: Vans / Nail strips: KissUSA

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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Work well done / shoutout to my boyfriend

Hi there! I am dropping in to share my boyfriend’s latest work, because I am super-proud of him, and I believe he deserves a big shoutout for this! Elephant is a new indian restaurant bases in Trois-Rivières and Pier-Luc did everything from branding to menus, website design & development. You can checkout the website here! I had the chance to help him out a little for the photo styling and I can tell this won’t be our last collaboration! I am SO grateful to have someone with who I can share the same interests and collaborate on awesome projects such as this one. Can’t wait to see what’s next ! Oh, and if you’re around and in the mood for tasty indian food, I definitely recommend you try Elephant. Belly satisfaction guaranteed!




This summer, I had the chance to visit California with my boyfriend. We’ve been dreaming of this photography trip ever since we started dating, I guess. It finally happened and we had the best time visiting Los Angeles and San Francisco along with our cameras. Here’s a few of my favorite shots from LA (SF will follow if I can finally make time to edit my shots). You can see the full project here, on behance. And make sure you hit appreciate if you do!


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Eye emphasizers / fake lashes

Lashes_1 FakeLashes_2

After taking the journey into fake nails, I decided to take it into fake lashes as well. I use to think fake lashes were tacky, simply because the only time I ever wore them was for Halloween. You know how we all want the flashiest, biggest and most incomfortable lashes, just because, well, you know, it’s Halloween, and we can be someone else for one night. It never occured to me that I could replace my neverending obsession with big bold mascara with a pair of those and two drops of glue, until KISS sent me some. THANK GOD. Now I’m tempted to were some every day and I sometimes have to remind myself that a stay-at-home day in a stay-at-home outfit is a waste of makeup, if you know what I mean.

They are made from 100% premium quality natural hair, which truly doesn’t make them look like Halloween accessories, and they come in various size and shapes. They come with a convenient lash applicator (very helpful!), but you have to buy the glue separately (which also mean you get to chose which one you prefer!). And most of all, they are contact lens friendly. BIG YAY. Oh, and you will find them at Walmart for a decent price. Now, don’t be shy, and step into a world of big bold glamorous look!

Do you wear fake lashes on a regular basis?

Julie is wearing KPLM01 (first picture) and I am wearing KPLM02 (second picture).


DIY / framed coin pouch


Don’t you, sometimes, want to take a break from your big wallet full of tickets, old receipt, useless cards and whatnots? A coin pouch is the perfect alternative for those times when you just want to grab an ice cream cone or go see a movie with your girl friends. Today, I am showing you how to make the cutest girly coin pouch, that you can also use as a jewelry keepsafe or whatever small precious things you want to carry!


  • canvas fabric (+ cotton for liner)
  • 7,5 cm purse frame (I used this one)
  • acrylic paint + textile medium
  • paint brush
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • glue gun + hot glue
  • Cut out 2 square of fabric (3,5″ x 3.5″)
  • Paint a heart on one (or two) of the squares. (mix acrylic paint with textile medium following the directions on the bottle)
  • Place the fabric squares face to face and sew like shown below. Cut out the corners.
  • Pinch the corners like shown and sew it down like shown (kind of hard to explain!).
  • Do the exact same thing with a patterned cotton fabric for liner.
  • Place the linen piece inside the other, and sew together.
  • Use hot glue to fix the metal frame in place. Use a butter knife or pointed object to help stick fabric into it. Clean glue excess if there is.

That’s it! You’ve got the cutest mini pouch to carry your precious coins around !


Let me know if your make one !


nomnom / energy bites

If you’re just like me, you probably get hungry in-between meals and have to eat snacks to keep up. This week-end I did a little no-bake energy bites recipe with Marie Pier, and I shared it over on LC Living. We had a lot of fun doing it, it was super easy and it tasted awesome so that’s 3 good reasons to try them! Need I say more? I also used ingredients I rarely or never use like goji berries that I enjoyed discovering! You can see the full recipe here, and make sure you let me know in the comments if you try it!

BoulesEnergie_4 BoulesEnergie_1



What to wear / effortless weekday


Lately, I fell into the sportwear trend trap. Suddently, all I could dream of was a new pair of comfy Nike running shoes. &Luckily for me, that’s what my best friend bought me for my birthday! Now my mind is spinning on ways I could introduce them to my looks. Here’s an outfit that screams coziness & effortless (without sweat pants! ha!).

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Fake nails? Why not!

fake_nails_2fakenails_1I never wear fake nails, mostly because I am lucky enough to have long and strong nails, but also because I had a very bad experience with nail glue when I was younger. For some reasons, a drop of glue found its way to one of my eye and I almost lost it. Tragic, yes. A few weeks ago, I received imPress press-on fake nails from Broadway Nails, so I was happy I could finally try on cool & flawless manicures without fearing the wicked glue! ha! These are the most ridiculously easy fake nails to apply, I swear! At first my hands felt very weird but I ended up liking the feeling of such solid nails A LOT. Also, I wore them for at about a week before I decided to take them off (my nails had grown, pulling the artificial nail away from the cuticule). The quality of the product, the no-drying time factor (because seriously, aren’t you tired of waiting for your nail polish to dry?!!) plus the effortlessness of sticking them on are three major upsides that will probably lead me to wearing artificial nails more often.

Each set contain 24 nails (different sizes, but you can probably make 2 full manicures out of it), a cleaning towel and a nail file. You will find them at, among others, Wal-Mart, Brunet, Uniprix and Pharmaprix for about $10, which is WAY LESS than a salon manicure!

Here’s how to apply:

  • Cleanse natural nails with enclosed pad
  • Choose the size that best fits your nail and peel off backing
  • Align nail with cuticule and press down firmly in the middle, and on the sides
  • Repeat for each finger, and you’re done!

To remove the nails, simply peel off from sides! Very easy and damage-less.
I’m wearing the Night Fever set (second photo) and Roxanne is wearing Dancing Queen (first photo).

What do you think about fake nails?


From my closet / embroidered kid dress

Outfit kid dress 1

Remember when I talked (here and here) about my rather obsessive crush for embroidery this summer? Well, the obsession hasn’t passed and I kept looking for the perfect dress. That is, until I saw this one in the kids department at Target. Perfect shade, perfect finition, I was blown away. Since Chloe thought me that wearing kids clothes is okay, I hadn’t had an ounce of hesitation and took it to the fitting rooms right away. This is the story of a girl who’s dreading the moment she won’t fit the kids size anymore.

Oh, and maybe I should mention that I ran into my boss and his daughter on my way to pay the dress, and he had just bought the exact same one for his little girl! ha!

Outfit kid dress 3Outfit kid dress 2

Last week, I mentionned my new collaboration with Clearly Contacts as a Style Ambassador. This is the Vogue frames that I picked for my starter kit! They add so much personnality to an outfit, and I love styling them in all kinds of ways! I’m so glad I did not go on the safe side and went for bold. Casual glasses are great, but having statement glasses as a second pair is a must, believe me!

Also, you can read my Style Ambassador interview on their blog called The Look, right here!


Dress: Target  /  Glasses: c/o Clearly Contacts  /  Clutch: Nine West  /  Socks: Ebay  / Shoes: Cité

Photos by: Pier-Luc Cossette
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