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After taking the journey into fake nails, I decided to take it into fake lashes as well. I use to think fake lashes were tacky, simply because the only time I ever wore them was for Halloween. You know how we all want the flashiest, biggest and most incomfortable lashes, just because, well, you know, it’s Halloween, and we can be someone else for one night. It never occured to me that I could replace my neverending obsession with big bold mascara with a pair of those and two drops of glue, until KISS sent me some. THANK GOD. Now I’m tempted to were some every day and I sometimes have to remind myself that a stay-at-home day in a stay-at-home outfit is a waste of makeup, if you know what I mean.

They are made from 100% premium quality natural hair, which truly doesn’t make them look like Halloween accessories, and they come in various size and shapes. They come with a convenient lash applicator (very helpful!), but you have to buy the glue separately (which also mean you get to chose which one you prefer!). And most of all, they are contact lens friendly. BIG YAY. Oh, and you will find them at Walmart for a decent price. Now, don’t be shy, and step into a world of big bold glamorous look!

Do you wear fake lashes on a regular basis?

Julie is wearing KPLM01 (first picture) and I am wearing KPLM02 (second picture).


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