Few updates about my life


I don’t mean to brag about it, but my life is pretty insane right now. In a good way. Between realizing that my carreer choice (graphic designer, remember?) is awesome and wanting to learn every bit of it, having a bunch of awesome friend to spend some quality time with (whenever possible), having a crazy awesome boyfriend and making plans to go back to Myrtle Beach this summer to catch some waves together, shopping for plane tickets and feeling like i’m about to have hell of a great summer, I also have great news!

Tomorrow will be special for me since I will model for the autumn ad campaign for Amnesia (you know, that shop I was working for 3 years?). Well they had that contest to find the next models for their campaign and I was chosen (yay!). So tomorrow i’m heading to Montreal for that shoot. That’s pretty exciting of course, thinking I got to represent one of my very favorite shops, but what’s truly exciting to me, is learning everything about it. The schedule, the hair-dresser, the stylist, the shoot, the spots, the ads, the equipment. I feel like a kid who’s about to take a ride in a rollercoaster. Of course, I’ll make sure to take my phone and take loads of making-of pictures to share! Stay tuned!

Photo found on Roxy’s blog


Life lately, in black and white


As you may know, one of my biggest passion in life is photography. Lifestyle photography. I don’t call myself a photographer at all, but I love trying out new angles and settings. Unfortunately, I have let my camera down a bit lately and I have felt terrible about it. So last week I made a promise to myself that I was going to take it out with me the more possible. I hate missing an extraordinary moment that could have been fixed in time. So you might get to see more of my life through those kind of posts ! Hopefully you won’t get bored of seeing that fluffy face because I’m not about to stop takin pictures of her!

life_3life_4life_2 life_5 life_6


The good life


I haven’t been really personnal in here lately but now I am finally allowing myself to be. Life has just been so good to me these days, I just feel like sharing. Life is throwing me all sorts of new challenges and opportunities, I can’t help but smile and wonder how everything can go so well, when some other times, things feel so wrong. I feel like the next few months are gonna be filled with so much new things to learn, to create and dream about. And this is very exciting! Like I am slowly climbing that stairway to the good life. And it just feels good. Soooooo good. I can’t wait to tell you a little more about those projects and goals. What are you up to these days?

I came across this oh-so-cute DIY image here. The entire blog is amazing!


Life lately, according to my phone


1. Mika has been crazy busy these days, I’m happy we finally had a chance to hang out // 2. Little puppy changing our lives. // 3. My man is a lucky one. Cooked him some yummy breakfast. // 4. Just me loving that ball of fur. // 5. Old pic, but I love it. Mika & I, mix and match. // 6. That sleeping cat is the cutest. Which I could curl up like that in the sun light.  // 7. Some more fluffy lovin’! // 8. Yup, we’re kinda crazy folks. (I stole this photo from Roxane’s phone) // 9. Terreur fell asleep under the tipi. No, I mean, UNDER the tipi. Really, how cute?

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My guide to spring bag


With the change of season comes along the change of purse. I am using a black one all winter, but when it comes to spring, I am bored with black leather. Last year, I fell deeply in love with that Volcom satchel-style brown purse. This year, I am still calling it my dream bag, guess that’s why i’m gonna use it again as my everyday purse. Today, I wanted to show you what’s in my bag, what I’m bringing with me everywhere I go. Maybe you’re about to switch purse as well and need to get organize about it!

WALLET / Of course! To keep all your cards, bills and money organize, what you need is a good wallet. I’m thinking about switching to a smaller size, but this Roxy wallet is still a charm. I love them with lots of spaces.

NOTEBOOKS + PEN / I’m not leaving home without a notebook and a pen in my purse. In case of sudden insane ideas or list-making emergencies (god knows i’m a list maker!), there is always a piece of paper to write on.

MOBILE + CHARGER / Yes, of course, everyone is carrying his mobile, you say? But I also figured it is the best place to leave my charger. Always at hand when I need it!

SUNGLASSES / Summer time calls for sunny days! I’m taking my favorite Vans sunglasses wherever I go!

CONTACT LENS CASE / For those of you wearing contact lens, you know they can sometimes get pretty uncomfortable. I’m carrying a case filled with clean liquid so I can take them off without wasting them.

HAND CREAM + NAIL FILE / Dry hands is such a pain. That’s why a little tube of handcream is a life saver (mine is Aveda hand relief). And what about a broken nail that gets stuck everywhere! AAARHG. A tiny nail file will do!

MAKE UP ESSENTIAL + LIP BALMS / I don’t carry my whole make up bag with me, but I like to have my very essentials. Like the lipstick or nail polish I’m wearing. Also, lip balm is a purse essential. My two favorites are the classic Burt’s Bees and the very cute EOS balls. (Each gifted by my dear friend Roxane!)

PILLS / Since I’m a migraine victim, I can’t leave home without Advil or Tylenol.

RINGS / CLASSIC JEWELS / There’s always a ring or two in a pocket of my purse. Sometimes a pair of earrings. I like having my classic jewels at hand, when I feel like my outfit is boring !


What do you keep in your spring/summer purse?


Meet our new pal / Terreur


Lately, things have been a little crazy. In the last year, my life has revolved around lots of stuff, but for the last two weeks, it has revolved around pretty much one thing; that cute little fluffy puppy Mika and I adopted. It’s a little female pomeranian that we called Terreur (french for Terror). How scary, uh? I’ve had dogs since I was a kid, but never knew how to train a new puppy and teach it to behave. It’s demanding for sure, but it’s an adventure that is so worth the love she gives me back. It’s not a kid, I know, but it sure is the closest I’ve felt to my maternal instincts. So if you ever hesitate to adopt a pet, I tell you don’t. You’ll skip a few nights of good sleep but you’ll soon forget when you see its little face staring at you!


Do you have pets? And how is it like for you?


On its way


As a kid, I often had that feeling. The feeling of excitement that something I waited for so long, is on it’s way. Like my sixth birthday. A school trip. Prom night in my princess dress, or my first car ride, ALONE. The thrilling feeling that I am about to live something GREAT.

Growing up, I don’t experience that as much as I did when I was a kid. But there is something that I still find as magical each year. The approach of summer. The beggining of Spring. The snow that melts away to dry streets. The natural light that lingers in the evening. This is something I never get bored of. This is MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR. And this weekend, we’re having daylight saving time, and I am soo excited for this! I know this may seems crazy, but light and temperature have such a big impact on my mood. Sometimes I catch find myself smiling like a child, when I’m walking on my own in the first days of spring. Oh how I LOVE that feeling.

Photo from society6. To shop this art, click here.


Life lately, according to my phone


1. Drawing night, always better with pastry. // 2. Can’t wait for summer to have some picnic with my man again. // 3. I am become a real gold digger, I swear! // 4. This ring I found for less than you can imagine is becoming my new favorite. How cute! And I can’t wait to pair it with that colorful dress! // 5. My man is a soccer player. Yup. I love watching him play. Proud girlfriend, you know! // 6. Sweet leftovers from Valentine’s day. // 7. Mika suprised me for diner and we found ice cream for dessert! YAAYY // 8. Self-film-processing is fun. I can’t get enough of the magic! Can’t wait to put these on paper! // 9. We had a huge snow storm, but why complain with a hat like that! xx

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Life lately, according to my phone


1. Love mail for Mika!  // 2. I’ve been putting my mind into a new project, lately! Can’t wait to tell you more // 3. There are days you just need your shirt to remind you everything is going to be just fine. // 4. Feeling boyish in my metal-edge collar.  // 5. Spray painted my twin-lens camera in gold. Totally love it! // 6. Who wouldn’t love that cat? seriously? // 7. I visited my dear Roxane in Sherby. We had such a good time. // 8. I’ve been wearing that Ban.do heart as a belt buckle. Heart week! // 9. I DID NOT buy this yellow cape coat on my shopping day with Roxane, and I think I will regret it all my life. Ha!

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Hey, it’s lovers day

Being one of those very cheesy lover girl, I admit to loving Valentine’s day. A lot. I keep hearing people saying: it’s just like any other day, it’s crap, I don’t like it. Why? Why should it be like any other day? Why don’t you make this day not like every other? It WILL be like any other if you want it to be. But if you’re like me, you know you can just make the magic happen. To me, this day is just a reminder to tell your friend and family how much you love them. So spread the love, and enjoy this day !


Ps. I don’t ALWAYS wear this dress. In fact, I rarely wear it. It just happened that the last photo of myself, I wore it too, ha!