Meet our new pal / Terreur


Lately, things have been a little crazy. In the last year, my life has revolved around lots of stuff, but for the last two weeks, it has revolved around pretty much one thing; that cute little fluffy puppy Mika and I adopted. It’s a little female pomeranian that we called Terreur (french for Terror). How scary, uh? I’ve had dogs since I was a kid, but never knew how to train a new puppy and teach it to behave. It’s demanding for sure, but it’s an adventure that is so worth the love she gives me back. It’s not a kid, I know, but it sure is the closest I’ve felt to my maternal instincts. So if you ever hesitate to adopt a pet, I tell you don’t. You’ll skip a few nights of good sleep but you’ll soon forget when you see its little face staring at you!


Do you have pets? And how is it like for you?


  1. Stop it. SO CUTE!! And what timing! I’ve been absolutely dog crazy lately. I’ve always wanted a big one but figured I would wait until I left the city. Now that I know I’m going to be here for awhile I’ve given in and told the big guy I want a tiny dog within a year or two. I am dog CRAZY now. HAHAH. More pics please!

    • Ahahah! I was crazy about big dogs as well, like boxers or German shepherd but living in an appartement makes it much more complicated! So Mika & I looked for smaller breeds, and we just fell in love with that fluffly thing! I think you should get one too, when you’re ready :) so much love to give! And YES, I WILL be posting more photos! Don’t worry :) ha! I can’t wait to see what kind of dog you’re going to adopt !

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