Clearly Contacts Style Ambassador

MM_Clearly_1 MM_Clearly_2

Hey there! This is week is kind of a busy one for me, but I wanted to drop by and tell you that I am a proud new style ambassador for Clearly Contacts (you know, the online glasses retailer where I ordered those amazing Derek Cardigan frames?)! You might have seen this picture on my instagram, too! It’s my Style ambassador kit, that contained the charming Vogue frames that I’m wearing above (I was hesitant at first but I’m glad I chose a not-so-classic pair in the end)! I’m currently working on a few style post and projects to show you a few ways to wear statement glasses like these, so make sure you keep an eye out, I’ll share all of this soon !

Hope you guys are having a great week so far! xx

Photos by: Eric Dufresne



Blogging for Linen Chest

hot chocolate post for Linen Chest

Hey guys! I’m proud to announce that I am now blogging for Linen Chest! If you never heard about it, Linen Chest is a Canadian quality home living retailer. They released their blog, LCLiving, a few weeks ago, and I am lucky to be part of that great project! This is a picture from a post I wrote about rethinking hot chocolate (hmm!), you can read the full post here. And check all of my posts here. Make sure you check out my upcoming posts as well !

Hope you’re having a very good week so far! xx


Amnesia back-to-school bonus photos

Some of you might remember my back-to-school shooting for Amnesia last summer. For those who haven’t seen the printed campaign, you can see it here. Today, the very talented photographer, Babas, released a few bonus photos from that shooting and I thought it would be fun to share them with you. Also, if ou have a few minutes, do take time to check out his website. Raw talent in its most sparkling form.


Photo credit: Babas

An enormous THANK YOU for the amazing experience and awesome team! Hope I’ll have the chance to do it again! 


Designer of the week on FreshIdeas

Hi guys! I am soooooo happy to announced that I am currently featured on FreshIdeas as designer of the week along with my font that is available as freebies! You can read a short interview about my work, inspirations and future projects here. They also asked me to send out a photo of my workspace, so I cleaned it up a little bit and I thought it would be fun to share it on my blog as well so you can see where I work from home!


Hope you are having a wonderful week so far ! xx


Things change


I’m putting together all my courage to write those words. I know this might seem silly, logging into my blog and pressing few letters on a keyboard isn’t that hard, but coming back here after 4 months is. I’ve been going through lot of changes during these past months and some of them I had a hard time facing; like ending a 3-years relationship with my boyfriend. I’ve built this blog with him by my side somehow (supporting me more than I could ask for) and as hard as I tried to find the courage to write here after we decided to put an end to our relationship, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I took some serious time to think and came up to the conclusion that no matter how hard you want them to stay the same, things change.

Now I finally feel at peace with myself (or almost) and decided I wasn’t gonna let go of all the efforts I’ve put in here since I created this blog. I might not be posting as much as I used to and I will try to speak less about personal stuff (after this post, of course!). I will try to focus on getting better as a designer, photographer and illustrator and I will share with you my recent projects. Any feedbacks about those are appreciated!

And thanks for being here.


Photo source


A too-short stop in New York City


While travelling to Myrtle Beach, we had a few bus stop and one of them was in New York City. We didn’t knew where the bus terminal was until we stepped outside in the magical lights of Times Square. It wasn’t my first time but I was still as impressed as if it was. I know it’s kind of cliché but I swear I was glad I had my camera with me. I know many photographers and photographers-to-be would agree; there’s something in the air of New York. This photograph above is most certainly my favorite, even though it’s a bit blury and out of focus. I took it without even looking in the viewfinder. It’s just a matter of luck and timing. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. Here are some more of the shots I took over there:

NY_4 NY_5 NY_2 NY_3

New York, you got me. I can’t wait to spend more time with you. & next time won’t be a 2-hours stop, I swear!


What happened lately


Woah. Life hasn’t been any less busy than last time I talked about it here. Emotionnally, it might have been even busier. But I guess I am the kind of girl who enjoys having a filled life.

Last week, Mika and I had our vacation week that we spent together in Myrtle Beach with a bunch of nice people at some sort of surf camp. Needless to say it was awesome. This photo above is one I took while watching the sun rise on the beach over there (I also took loads of videos that i’ll be editing shortly to share over here!).

I gotta say this week wasn’t as restful as it could have been, mostly because I got hired at a new job just before I got in the bus (yes we did travel by bus, and it was probably our worst idea EVER. 29 hours of sitting and waiting is quite long). So I spent some of my vacation time wondering how will I resign from my current job, but I did it, and I’m starting a new job in about a week, and I am pretty excited. I went through a whole palette of emotions, believe me! It’s now time for me to hit the challenge mode and I am so ready for this!

As usual, I am also having loads of new projects that I can’t wait to share with you! Tons of DIY projects and new paths to discover! Stay tuned!


Sneek peak into an ad campaign shooting

Remember two weeks ago I was telling you about that fall campaign I was modelling for? Well the shooting happened, and as I promised, I took loads of pictures with my phone. I’m not gonna show you the whole thing here because there wouldn’t be any surprises when the ad comes up, which is scheduled july-august, something like that, since it’s the back-to-school campaign. As I told you, this was for me, above all, an experience of learning and I really enjoyed how everything went. The team was so much fun (and much bigger that I had imagined) and the spaces where great. I’m really starting to fall in love with Montreal as an artist. They’re just so much going on.

Also, one of my favorite part of that day was meeting the two other girls on the modelling team. It just felt like we’ve known each other forever and we didn’t even have to fake our smiles. Well, except when we had to change clothes (think about skinny pants) in the non-cimatised vintage trailer they rented for the shoot, but that’s just part of the game! ha!

I’m just so grateful I had to live that experience and I’d do it again anytime. I can’t wait to see the results, and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I see something! Meanwhile, here are few shots from our awesome day: