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I don’t mean to brag about it, but my life is pretty insane right now. In a good way. Between realizing that my carreer choice (graphic designer, remember?) is awesome and wanting to learn every bit of it, having a bunch of awesome friend to spend some quality time with (whenever possible), having a crazy awesome boyfriend and making plans to go back to Myrtle Beach this summer to catch some waves together, shopping for plane tickets and feeling like i’m about to have hell of a great summer, I also have great news!

Tomorrow will be special for me since I will model for the autumn ad campaign for Amnesia (you know, that shop I was working for 3 years?). Well they had that contest to find the next models for their campaign and I was chosen (yay!). So tomorrow i’m heading to Montreal for that shoot. That’s pretty exciting of course, thinking I got to represent one of my very favorite shops, but what’s truly exciting to me, is learning everything about it. The schedule, the hair-dresser, the stylist, the shoot, the spots, the ads, the equipment. I feel like a kid who’s about to take a ride in a rollercoaster. Of course, I’ll make sure to take my phone and take loads of making-of pictures to share! Stay tuned!

Photo found on Roxy’s blog


  1. Ehh pourquoi tu racontes rien de ces si jolis projets (Modelling thing) à ta belle-famille? Happy for you!!

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