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Cleaning your brushes

Over the next few weeks, I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite products that you can use on a daily/weekly basis use. We clean our faces, but what about our makeup brushes ? We use them every day and don’t always take care of cleaning them. I think it’s essential to clean them in order for your brushes to last longer and it also prevents you from spreading bacteria on your skin.

These are my favorite beauty products for taking care of makeup brushes :

Daily brush cleaner by Sephora

You may spray a few pumps on your brush when you’re done using it, it dries quickly and then you can use the same brush to apply the next product. Doing this prevents spreading germs, plus it leaves a pleasant smell. Repeat after each use. With this cleaner, you can invest in a few good brushes instead of having one for each purpose.

Purifying brush shampoo by Sephora

In combination with the daily cleaner, this shampoo will help you preserve your brushes for a lifetime. Just make sure to follow cleaning instructions and to let them dry face down.

daily brush cleaner / background flowers 1 / background flowers 2 / purifying brush shampoo


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