My spring wishlist

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This is finally it! Good weather is slowly (but surely!) pushing away the bad, and grass is showing up and recovering from the weight of the snow. New season means new goals, new ideas and changes. (Just like a second New Year for me!) Here are some of the things high on my wishlist for spring!

GOLD. You heard me before, I LOVE gold and metalics. I am planning on redecorating some spaces in my appartement adding a touch of gold! That print and those shoes are fantastic!

LIGHTINGS. I am also planning on adding special lights and lamps in my space. I love those bulbs in a cage.

SHOES. This season means trading boots for shoes! Those Keds Kate Spade Edition are simply the cutest! But while the snow is still melting and the ground is muddy, pattern rainboots are a pleasure to wear!

BIRDCAGE UMBRELLA. I’ve been wanting one for so long, but never took the time to look for it. Now it is finally time to be stylish in the rain! (why not make the bad weather feel a little happier?)

BAGS. In the summertime, it’s good to take my camera all around because there is so much to shoot. A good camera bag is something I should really get for that matter. I love those with a vintage look! Also, I love the Baggu reusable bags. They have the cutest pattern and shapes!

PLANTS. Yes, someday I’ll become good at keeping plants. I need a few more of those!

Do you have anything on your spring wishlist? Tell me about it! See the details from my list here


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