Life lately according to my phone


1.2. Made a brand new ankle bracelet to celebrate the new season. Am I the only one who does that? Celebrating event and times with bracelet?

3. Gave a new look to our backstore bathroom at the shop! I’m sure Roxane would’ve liked it!

4. Thursday night lunches: mapple bagel on the road, yummy !

5. Who gets bored from summer sunsets? not me!

6. Discovered heaven in an ice cream bar. Honestly, these things are insane!

7.8. Tacos night with Mika & Chloe! Always a win!

9. Enjoying lazy times with Mika.

10. ¬†Wore my polka-dot tights out. I think I might order hundreds of them. I’m in love!

11. Chocolate-dipped ice cream, lovely treat on a lovely day!

12. Riding along in Mika’s car and wishing this day would never end.


I Hope you guys are having a great time too. Spend time with people you love!


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