In front of the lens

Lately, Mika & I have been asked to pose for a photographer for a lovely-couple-shoot. We sure accepted the offer. I never been too confortable being in the front of a lens, probably because I’ve always been behind it. But I thought it could only be fun and bring a new vision of the photographer profession. Turned out Veronique was one of the nicest woman I’ve ever met. Five minutes later, it felt like we’ve known each other for years. It was this surreal connexion of ideas and this same photographic vision. Lifestyle shoot has always seduced me more than white background and phony faces. So i’m pretty happy with the results.

Thank you so much Veronique for your amazing work.

Drop by her website to see more of her work,
and if you get a chance, book a lifestyle shooting with her, she’s amazing, I swear !

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