Etsy finds / It’s a heart thing

Heyyy readers! It’s wednesday afternoon and I am feeling in love. Yesterday Mika and I went to the movie theater for the second time since we met (almost two years ago). Crazy isn’t it? We had a great time. I have been asking in forever to go see that new movie from Tim Burton, and we finally went. Yay. With that said, here is a etsy selection of things that caught my eyes, according to my lover feelings !

These heart pattern letterpress gift tags from FlourishCollection are the cutest. They add so much charm to a gift wrap!

This ring from ZMJewellery  is making my heart melt.

I don’t know what I love most about those bowls from RossLab. The size, the set or the color. I think it’s a mix of all of it. They’re just perfect.

Ever since I discovered their existence, I’ve always been a huge fan of paper straws. I use them whenever I invite people over for a meal. Those from MarigoldandSageParty are too cute to be true.

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