Ear balm

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Italy with my dear boyfriend. It was nice to see him after being apart for almost a month. Anyway! Who can go on a trip without listening to music? (other than my robot bf..!) Here’s a mixtape of what played most of the time on my iPod.

1- Florence + the Machine – No light, no light
2- The Beatles – Can’t buy me love
3- The Fray – Heartbeat
4- The Black Keys – Next Girl
5- Ben Howard – Only Love
6- The Nationals – Anyone’s ghost
7- Foo Fighters – The Pretender
8- Blondie – Call me
9- Thrice – The Weight
10- The Gaslight Anthem – I’da called you Woody, Joe

Also, thanks to those who sent me music suggestions! I’ve been very busy with the trip and everything but I’ll catch up on these new artists soon. Keep writing, I want more and more!

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