Cardboard beauties

So well, maybe I am sharing too much stuff from others, and not enought of myself, but hey, there’s just so many great artists out there, and I love promoting them. And these paperworks from Happy Day Bits are just so charming. How nice is it to receive a card from someone you love! I think there are no such things, and sometimes, I believe that’s why I am more of a print graphic designer than a web designer. I just am a huge paper lover.

&It kills me to hear people talking about how technology is taking over, like all of a sudden, all the books and paperworks would disapear into a big black hole.

So, you people take time to write something nice to someone you love in a non-technologic way, okay? It’s no harder than pushing button on a keyboard & will sure bring a brighter smile to the one you’re sending it to.

Much love .

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