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I’m soooo happy to introduce you to my friend Marie Pier, who recently joined this blog as a contributor. She is a graphic designer and web developper by day, and a pet lover by night. Her mind-blowing sense of details and taste for home decor leads her beliefs in the power of a gorgeous home. She’s here to share her passion for home styling along with her obsession with beauty products! Welcome Marie-P! May this be your second home. -M

Aquasource deep serum from Biotherm

Hey Spring, you are finaly here ! I just wanted to share with you my crush of the moment and one thing that inspired M and I for the DIY concrete project we did last week (don’t worry you’ll see that soon enough). I really like that concrete console table, but it’s definitely out of my budget (443$ !). I may use it as inspiration in a future project! I love the whole concept of this room, especialy its brightness, maybe I’m just tired of looking at the dirty sidewalks.

Anyway, Spring has sprung and I like to take a particular care of my skin during this time of the year to be ready for Summer. I must confess, I cannot skip a day without using the Biotherm serum that I’ve been using for the last year or so. It’s a bit expensive (60$), but you don’t need much to cover your face (and a bottle lasts for about six months, on a twice a day basis) and you can easily save on your day/night cream (you’ll need less in combination with the serum). It really helps to prevent dehydration and it brightens your skin. How do you prepare yourself for Summer ?

room set up / console table / aquasource deep serum


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