Life lately, according to my phone


1. Feeling like I’m letting my babies down lately  // 2. Pink, hearts and glitters is enough to make my day sometimes // 3. Put some sprinkles on it ! // 4. Canada is cold. No, really COLD. // 5. Kate Spade’s book is my new coffee table favorite // 6. Queen Extravaganza was a great show. I swear, Freddie Mercury was alive. // I spend my days dreaming about dyeing my hair this soft shade of pink. I WANT A LITTLE PINKY BUN!  // 8. Went thrift shopping with my two favorite allies & found treasures! // 9. I loooooove having a florist friend. I do think it’s a dream job, and I can’t wait to show you how talented she is!

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Life lately, according to my phone


1. Cut Mika’s hair, did he like it?  // 2. Bought the best glittery shade ever from Revlon, and will never ever get bored of it // 3. Milkshake morning with Mika this weekend // 4. Tim Hortons released their heart-shape donut. NO WAY !! My new favorite // 5. These roses make my appartement much more lively // 6. You know who has the best bedding in town? I do! // 7. Well, hello there, polka dots // 8. Video making for Colours and Beyond, can’t wait to show you guys what I am up to! // 9. My man is the sweetest. That’s why he takes me on soup dates when I feel like it !

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Why do I blog?

I’ve been blogging for a while now. Hopping from one site to another until I get what I am all about, which I think I do now, with this one. Writting and blogging have always been quite an important part of my life. But why do I blog?




It helps me express myself:
I have never been the most outstanding girl in the class. As a child, I was quite introverted. I tought I didn’t need to be loud to make friends. And it worked well up ’till now. Nowadays, I am a lot more confident and outgoing, but having a blog helps me express the things I sometime fail to say. I have always considered myself much more of a writer than a talker. To me, things just come out more easily on paper (or on my blog).

It keeps me creative & passionate:
My everyday job doesn’t always give me space for creative opportunities. Sometimes it does. But when it doesn’t, it’s good to have a place to share all the ideas I get, to share photos I take and designs I make. It’s kind of like a creative outlet for all the ideas that get rejected from stubborn clients and inappropriate projects. Sometimes it’s just good to work for yourself, without limitations.

It helps me (a lot) with my english skills:
As some of you know, I was born french canadian, but always had a thing for english. Much easier, expressive and common, the english language has always been an important part of my life. But since it’s not my native language, I need to spend a little longer on my posts, to make sure everything makes sense. (I’m sorry if sometimes it doesn’t) I don’t have much opportunities to speak english in the city I live, so blogging helps me practice my skills, and keep up so when I travel I don’t sound too silly.

It spreads the word:
Not that I ever planned on being rich & famous, but sometimes, it’s just good to know someone has heard of you in a good way. That you can inspire people you never even met, or even change their lives, in some ways. Sometime it’s just good to know that people love you for what you are, no matter how far or different they are. I have quite big ambitions when it comes to my career as a designer and having my name travelling around can only help me with great opportunities, I hope.

There are so many reasons for me to blog, I hope it can inspire you doing the same. Let me know if you are writting a blog or planning to, and the main reasons you do! Hope you have a nice day everyone. xx

Dress : Lulus / Necklace : Aldo


Life lately, according to my phone

1. Confetti making at work // 2. DIY project night with my dear friend Tania // 3. Camera building on my own! // 4. Bought a new cross pattern tanktop // 5. Closet for a week! Yes, I am an organisation freak // 6. Good morning cat ! // 7. Decorating cupcakes with Julie / 8. It’s freezing cold at work // 9. I can’t take this glitter banner down

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How was Hampton?

Great! Yes, it was. Even with the rain and the coldness that kept us from surfing some waves, hampton was great this weekend. We drove 6 hours aways with a surf on top only to realise we were only going to watch the brave ones, in our coat&scarf. I shot some photos along with my Mini Diana. I love that camera. I love square frames, do you?

One of our most memorable moment will be the time the guy from the motel asked us if we came in for the show that night. What show? Bret Michaels!? Whhhuuut? And then we became quite hysterical and almost ran to get our tickets. We had a blast. The show was unexpectedly great, I admit, shamelessly.

And there was this very huge marathon in town on sunday. Made me feel so unhealthy, yeahh..

Hope you had a great weekend !

Let me introduce you

To my friends. Pretty, aren’t they?

I took those shots on a supper we had at my appartment few weeks ago, and I thought it’d be nice showing you who are the ones watching my back ! We’ve been friends since high school, so we’ve seen each other grow for a while now. I love seeing them grow, all at different speed and by different path. And I love thinking about all the things we’ve been thought together, and all the things yet to come. (Like weddings, and children.) And I feel lucky to have them around, keeping me sane from all the chaos of life !

I love you girls.

I’m just delivering …

Have you ever felt the ground opening under your feet, and swallowing you entirely. Felt like all you can do is laying on your bed without any thoughts at all. That’s about how I felt a year ago. This week-end, we’re gathering in rememberance of a dear friend who took his life away last year. Horrible, isn’t it?

How do you get used to such a loss? I’ve learned many things this year. One of it is that you never get OVER it. You learn to live with it, along with the loss. And the sadness,.. and the fear. At first, it had seemed awkward to move on. But life won’t wait. It doesn’t. It goes. And that’s just what you have to learn, although I’m not wishing anyone of you this experience. Let’s gather. In rememberance of a lost soul, a dear one. I still miss you like crazy, boy.

I got this inked as a memory of him. It helps me remember how lucky I am to be alive.

We’re just about …

Have I been waiting for that moment ever since we came back from Myrtle Beach last summer? Yes I have. I can’t tell you just how happy I am that we’re hitting the road for god-knows-where this week-end. I love that we haven’t settle for any destination or any activities yet and that it’s all gonna come by hitself as we’re roadtripping together. (We, I mean Mika & I, if you haven’t guessed yet) I love that i’m doing it with someone I love. I love that we are finally gonna get to spend a little time together. (Like, more than few minutes before I fall asleep). And I love packing for a trip. It’s almost as fun as leaving, isn’t it? That’s where you get to make BIG choices. Like which outfits am I gonna bring? And that’s also where you get to realize; OMG. How come do I have so many clothes and always feel like I got nothing to wear. Yeah ..

Anyways, I won’t be posting much next week but I’ll make sure to take thousands of pictures to feed you all hungry readers when I get back!

Love. xx

Book suggestion


They say I have it easy on happiness, and I can’t even deny it. I’ve always been a person finding happiness in the most silly places, without even looking for it. But sometimes, just like everyone else, I get my share of rough times and tears. When it comes, I just need that little kick to remind of how lucky I am. When I first found «The Book of Awesome», I fell in love with the heartwarming idea of it. It’s a compilation of simple awesome things like finding money in your pocket, the cool side of the pillow, wearing underwears just out of the dryers… I offered that book to one of my best friends on Christmas, promising myself I’ll get another copy for me someday. And I sure forgot. Until I found the second book, The Book of «Even More» Awesome, at some shop I wasn’t expecting nothing from the limited book section. AWESOME! You guys should all break into the piggy bank, take 10 bucks and buy a copy of it to put on the living room’s table or right beside the bath. Smiles guaranteed !

Happy moments

So I was wandering down the cereal aisle at the market, trying to fill my fridge with more than nothing-at-all, and felt I had abandon cereal over toast for a while. So, as usual, I automatically spotted the cutest package on the shelves. I felt a certain pride when I saw the anchor shaped cereal among the cute pastel marshmallow. YEAH, my artistic instinct always leads to treasures. Breakfast has always been my holy meal, and it’s not about to change. Ps. They also taste like heaven and are made out of completely natural flavours. Enjoy breakfast !