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They say I have it easy on happiness, and I can’t even deny it. I’ve always been a person finding happiness in the most silly places, without even looking for it. But sometimes, just like everyone else, I get my share of rough times and tears. When it comes, I just need that little kick to remind of how lucky I am. When I first found «The Book of Awesome», I fell in love with the heartwarming idea of it. It’s a compilation of simple awesome things like finding money in your pocket, the cool side of the pillow, wearing underwears just out of the dryers… I offered that book to one of my best friends on Christmas, promising myself I’ll get another copy for me someday. And I sure forgot. Until I found the second book, The Book of «Even More» Awesome, at some shop I wasn’t expecting nothing from the limited book section. AWESOME! You guys should all break into the piggy bank, take 10 bucks and buy a copy of it to put on the living room’s table or right beside the bath. Smiles guaranteed !

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