2013 bucket list


I know I am a little late for this, but hey, we’re still in the first month of 2013, right? This idea came from Noemie of The sun was high. I ended 2012 with zero motivation, but started 2013 with almost too much of it. Which is great. To help me keep motivated about everything I want to achieve, here is my bucket list for the next 11 months and a half. The list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully it will only be easier to keep those in mind!

  • Take this blog to a higher level
  • Eat more veggies
  • Stay socially active (have a life, ha!)
  • Cook more & better
  • Post once a day on instagram
  • Improve my photo & video skills
  • Make new clothes Mix&Match
  • Take more time for DIY projects (with friends, hopefully!)
  • Finish watching Breaking Bad with Mika
  • Start watching How I met your mother
  • Go back to Myrtle Beach for a surf trip
  • Exercise 3 times a week
  • Feed my vimeo account
  • Less whining about useless stuff
  • Discover a bunch of new artists
  • Go on unexpected dates with Mika

What are yours? I would looooove to know what you are all about this year !


  1. – Start watching How I met your mother : Glad to have a GOOD influence on you! Haha

    posted by Chloé on
  2. I’m into at least half of those things too!
    Hope to be part of some of your DIY projects! ;) ;)

    P.S.: I love the number 14 hahaha

  3. I’d like to add to the list :
    – Finish American Horror Story, Dexter, Breaking Bad, 1000 Ways To Die, …
    – Watch more Crime/Gangster tv shows
    – Get that missing Nintendo AV wire (Tetris and Mario are just 2$ away !)
    – Get off the couch/bed :)

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