From my closet / sequin crush


I don’t know exactly when that happened, but I’ve had a gigantic crush on sequin for a while now. I am fascitated by them, by their color, and how they reflect light in such a special way. One day, I was shopping with Roxane and she held that awesome mint sequin cardigan in my face and told me it was made for me. She was right I guess, it’s now one of my favorite pieces in my whole closet. Paired with one of my favorite pattern skirt and a pastel pink cami, it looks awesome. And I knew right away that was the outfit I was waiting for to wear those ruffle socks in my black wedges! YAY!


Now, if spring can only show up so I can pair those lovely socks with my summer dresses! I just CAN’T WAIT!

Photography: Véronique Comeau
These photos were taken downtown Trois-Rivières.
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