DIY / cute collared dress


I’ve been hooked on collared dress for a while. I just love how a cute collar can somehow make a simple outfit so glamorous. When Wholeport sent me over this crocheted lace collar, I was very excited about making myself a new piece of clothing. At first, I wanted to put it on a basic T-Shirt but then I thought a dress would be best for summer. My only problem then was finding a dress with a crew neck! I found this one for few dollars (15 if I remember!) at H&M. Now this might just be my new favorite summer dress! Here’s how to make one on your own:


  • crocheted lace collar or similar
  • a basic crew neck dress
  • assorted thread
  • sewing pins
  • a sewing needle
  • First of all, choose a dress with a crew neck. Anything too low-necked won’t work. Better with a simple fabric too.
  • Place the collar around the neck and fix it with sewing pins. Make sure it is well centered as well!
  • Sew it with small invisible stiches (as much as possible), using matching thread.
  • As simple as that! Wear you new dress like a lady !

What do you think? Will you embellish your own dress?


Photos of me by Xavier Staquet.

I proudly partnered with Wholeport to create this post. Visit their website for tons of craft supplies.



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