The story of 5 letters that almost got lost

I did it again. I made a new font! The thing is, I don’t like when letters get lonely, so when I created 5 of them for a client logo that was rejected, I couldn’t stand the idea of my babies getting swallowed in a creative black hole, where all the sad rejected ideas go. So I created the rest of the alphabet, and the rest is history. Hope you enjoy, and I’d be happy to see if you use it!


Download the font here!
And let me know if you use it :)


Oh, taylor!


When I saw this amzing print while scrolling down one of my favorite designer’s blog, Cocorrina, I smiled. I just chopped 7 dear inches off my beloved long hair (which was totally liberating by the way), and my friend called me Taylor-swift-with-tattoos. The decision has been hard to make but hey, if taylor can do it, I can too!


A tassels party

If I had to live in an imaginary world, it would probably be all glitters, pastel cakes, vintage bicycles, sprinkles and tassels. With lots of light. ALL DAY. I can’t help it. I’m a kid at heart, and I refuse to grow up on some things. When I stumbled upon Studio Mucci‘s instagram account, it was love at first sight. Studio Mucci is Amina Mucciolo’s colorful design firm and Etsy shop specialized in pastel tassels garlands and piñatas, or in other words; a dream come true. Need I say more?



Aery – a new statement font

As you guys probably know by now, I am a font/typography addict. I guess I was probably even born to create fonts and explore in that area. So here I am, releasing my second font as a gift to you dear font-lovers and designers of all kind from around the globe. I describe it as a bodoni-inspired statement font as bad ass as glamorous with a serious load of charm. I am releasing it free-for-personal-use so may this be the font you were looking for to showcase your creativity in any way you like. Oh, and feel free to show me the result of your work, it’s always a pleasure! Hope you guys enjoy :)


Click through to download the font & see it in use.

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Work well done / shoutout to my boyfriend

Hi there! I am dropping in to share my boyfriend’s latest work, because I am super-proud of him, and I believe he deserves a big shoutout for this! Elephant is a new indian restaurant bases in Trois-Rivières and Pier-Luc did everything from branding to menus, website design & development. You can checkout the website here! I had the chance to help him out a little for the photo styling and I can tell this won’t be our last collaboration! I am SO grateful to have someone with who I can share the same interests and collaborate on awesome projects such as this one. Can’t wait to see what’s next ! Oh, and if you’re around and in the mood for tasty indian food, I definitely recommend you try Elephant. Belly satisfaction guaranteed!



Paper porn / Happily Ever Paper


Coming across awesome paper goods and stationary is some kind of porn for a freak like me, and that’s why I felt like changing the name of this column. Last week, I stumbled up Happily Ever Paper on Behance and couldn’t pass up the chance to share such a sightworthy shop. I was instantly drawn to their colorful stitched notebook bindings, and curated quality materials. JUST MY STYLE !