Not having enough of lampe berger

Lately, I had the chance to receive the title of brand ambassador for Lampe Berger. This is quite a deal to me because I loooooooved my first lamp so much and don’t think I can live without a sweet fragrances flowing in my apartment anymore. With that being said, I now get the chance to try their new fragrances which makes me irrationally happy. What’s better than a divine-smelling home, especially when you invite people over? Oh and look at the new lamp they sent me! Isn’t it the cutest?


These are the 4 fragrances I got to try lately. Here’s what I think:

Magnificent Vetiver
This limited edition fragrance is nothing short of special. There’s something very sophisticated about it. Although I liked it a lot, I thought it was a little too strong for me so I simply diluted it with a few onces of neutral. and TADAAA! Softer and still very dreamy.

Very useful! This will turn strong scents into softer scents but you can also use it alone when you simply wanna get rid of bad odors in your home. A must-have for any Lampe Berger owner!

Sensual Bouquet
Very feminine and flowery, this smell will leave your home feeling like a romantic getaway. Time for a little seduction game?

Fruit Melody
This one is definitely my favorite. From the moment I poured the liquid inside my lamp I knew I’d stock up on this fragrance in case of world war III (and because it’s a limited edition). Peaches, vanilla & floral notes there’s nothing deceiving about it! Soft, sweet and fruity, just like any of the perfumes I wear on myself.


A tassels party

If I had to live in an imaginary world, it would probably be all glitters, pastel cakes, vintage bicycles, sprinkles and tassels. With lots of light. ALL DAY. I can’t help it. I’m a kid at heart, and I refuse to grow up on some things. When I stumbled upon Studio Mucci‘s instagram account, it was love at first sight. Studio Mucci is Amina Mucciolo’s colorful design firm and Etsy shop specialized in pastel tassels garlands and piñatas, or in other words; a dream come true. Need I say more?



Inspiring home / plywood & pastels

So my boyfriend and I decided to move in together this summer, and ever since we started talking about it and looking for an apartment, I’ve been daydreaming of ways to decorate it and curating photos of spaces that feel so inspiring. I know I’ll have to slow down on pink & gold accents but I’m sure we’ll find the right balance that satisfies us both. This plywood decor is what my dreams are made of right now. And how gorgeous is this pastel door? Seriously. Maybe someday :)

006-flinders-lane-apartment-clare-cousins-architects 008-flinders-lane-apartment-clare-cousins-architects 002-flinders-lane-apartment-clare-cousins-architects 007-flinders-lane-apartment-clare-cousins-architects


All u need is love, and a Lampe Berger

If I take a dive into my childhood memories, I can recall a few smell I grew up with. My dad’s motorcycle in the garage, my mom’s pot roast cooking in the kitchen or scented candles burning in the living room, summer days by the pool, surrounded by fresh-cut grass and line-dried bed sheets at night. I can also remember the day my mom bought her first & precious Lampe Berger and the smell of honeysuckle fragrance that filled the dinning room as the lamp burned. It was a dark blue lamp with a gold artwork on it. Something like a zodiac-sign painting, maybe. It looked like a magic lamp to me, and there was something very whimsical about it.

lampe_berger 2

Lampe Berger sent me this gorgeous red lamp (perfect for valentine’s day!!) to try their new fragrance and I couldn’t be happier to travel back into some of my sweetest memories. And it seems like they read my mind when they sent me their Fresh Linen fragrance. Most certainly one of my favorite smell IN THE WORLD.

If you never heard about Lampe Berger before, the principle is charmingly simple. It’s a small lamp with an exclusive patented burner system that purifies and perfumes the air in enclosed spaces like no other, to improve your house air quality. The heat generated by the catalytic burner attracts and eliminates unwanted odors. Plus, they’re offered in a variety of shapes and styles to fit your home decor and there’s more than 40 fragrances available to choose from! They even have a neutral home fragrance to destroy unwanted odors, without fragrancing (or you can simply mix with other fragrances to dilute the intensity of the other fragrance!).

Do you own a Lampe Berger or have you ever tried it?

My lamp (shown above) is the Ovalie.
Visit their website for more details about Lampe Berger and make sure you follow them on facebook !


Dreamy AirBnB

I discovered AirBnb last summer, and to be completely honest, it totally blew my mind and inspired me to travel the world and meet total strangers. If you haven’t heard about it yet, AirBnb is a community marketplace where guests can book spaces from hosts, connecting people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay. Last summer we rented a room in a trailer park in L.A. and the cutest little garden house in Oakland. Totally worth it, I swear. We got to meet awesome folks that gave us great advices in terms of what to visit and what not to. Today, I stumbled upon one of the cutest rental place on Airbnb; a small tree house loaded with charm. Check this out!

5a0f1151_original airbnb_3c0c11107_original

Isn’t this the cutest rental place on Earth? Well, I guess not, but I would definitely rent this place for a lovely getaway if I was in Atlanta. Would you?


Crush of the moment / Biotherm deep serum

I’m soooo happy to introduce you to my friend Marie Pier, who recently joined this blog as a contributor. She is a graphic designer and web developper by day, and a pet lover by night. Her mind-blowing sense of details and taste for home decor leads her beliefs in the power of a gorgeous home. She’s here to share her passion for home styling along with her obsession with beauty products! Welcome Marie-P! May this be your second home. -M

Aquasource deep serum from Biotherm

Hey Spring, you are finaly here ! I just wanted to share with you my crush of the moment and one thing that inspired M and I for the DIY concrete project we did last week (don’t worry you’ll see that soon enough). I really like that concrete console table, but it’s definitely out of my budget (443$ !). I may use it as inspiration in a future project! I love the whole concept of this room, especialy its brightness, maybe I’m just tired of looking at the dirty sidewalks.

Anyway, Spring has sprung and I like to take a particular care of my skin during this time of the year to be ready for Summer. I must confess, I cannot skip a day without using the Biotherm serum that I’ve been using for the last year or so. It’s a bit expensive (60$), but you don’t need much to cover your face (and a bottle lasts for about six months, on a twice a day basis) and you can easily save on your day/night cream (you’ll need less in combination with the serum). It really helps to prevent dehydration and it brightens your skin. How do you prepare yourself for Summer ?

room set up / console table / aquasource deep serum


Shop crush / West Elm Montreal


Last weekend I went to Montreal for a shopping spree with my girls. I knew a West Elm shop had just opened on Wellington street and there was no way we weren’t stopping by! I discovered their online shop few months ago and been completely crazy for their style ever since! Fresh, modern and stylish with a pop of originality! I just can’t wait to have more room to decorate! I’ll be coming back for sure, now that it’s only an hour away! YAY!! If you guys are looking for great inspiration, visit their shop or visit them online! Oh and also, AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE! You made my day!


Design crush / Thisispaper

One of my favorite pleasure in life is surfing the internet to find inspiring shops and artists. Today, I stumbled upon THISISPAPER, a Polland-based shop that started out as a magazine. Need it say that the simplicity of their designs blew my mind? Too bad my birthday was two weeks ago, this denim rucksack would have been prior on my wishlist!


Do you have a favorite item?

Shop the items below here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


Design crush / Colonel


I never doubted Paris had a lot to offer, I just never figured I’d fall in love so deeply with one of its designers shop. Seriously, that blanket is killing me. I’m about to sell everything I own to buy a plane ticket to go get it. (I might be overreacting there!) The shop is called Colonel and they’re planning on launching an e-shop soon. Guess who is over-excited about it ?

52_dowood561151_dowood5428 52_tablebanc-2

That is what I call P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N.