Not having enough of lampe berger

Lately, I had the chance to receive the title of brand ambassador for Lampe Berger. This is quite a deal to me because I loooooooved my first lamp so much and don’t think I can live without a sweet fragrances flowing in my apartment anymore. With that being said, I now get the chance to try their new fragrances which makes me irrationally happy. What’s better than a divine-smelling home, especially when you invite people over? Oh and look at the new lamp they sent me! Isn’t it the cutest?


These are the 4 fragrances I got to try lately. Here’s what I think:

Magnificent Vetiver
This limited edition fragrance is nothing short of special. There’s something very sophisticated about it. Although I liked it a lot, I thought it was a little too strong for me so I simply diluted it with a few onces of neutral. and TADAAA! Softer and still very dreamy.

Very useful! This will turn strong scents into softer scents but you can also use it alone when you simply wanna get rid of bad odors in your home. A must-have for any Lampe Berger owner!

Sensual Bouquet
Very feminine and flowery, this smell will leave your home feeling like a romantic getaway. Time for a little seduction game?

Fruit Melody
This one is definitely my favorite. From the moment I poured the liquid inside my lamp I knew I’d stock up on this fragrance in case of world war III (and because it’s a limited edition). Peaches, vanilla & floral notes there’s nothing deceiving about it! Soft, sweet and fruity, just like any of the perfumes I wear on myself.


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