New column: ear balm


Hi there, my name is Roxane Gagnon and I’m proud to collaborate on this amazing blog. I’ll write a music column – as often as Marie-Michelle wants me to – and I decided to name it “Ear Balm”.

Why “Ear Balm”?! It’s quite simple. There are two things that are absolutely essential to my well-being ; music and lip balm. Then, I started thinking and I thought ; music is like ear balm! I have to say that it took me 1 minute-ish to come up with that name, so don’t hate, I like it. Good music is also kind of a head/heart balm too but eh, I could only choose one name so there it is! Now that you know why I chose this name, I hope you’ll read my column, and if I’m lucky, you’ll also enjoy reading it.


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