My spring wishlist

spring wishlist

Yes I know this one is for babies, but I can only hope they offer it in women size! I just loooooove the heart pocket idea, and I need need NEED a new overall for springtime!
Lately, I’ve been thinking about adding this boyish accessory to my style. This summer, I’m planning on doing it!
Hair accessories
I should definitely add more bows and hair accessories to my outfits.
Rain boots
I just can’t get over how cute, comfortable and practical rain boots are! I wish I had a pair of every color to match every outfit I wear.

Mint oxfords
With around 50 pairs of shoes in the closet, I guess you can call me a shoe-addict. This spring, I’m drawn to everything mint and a pair of mint oxfords would be just right.
Pale Jeans
I don’t remember the last time I wore a pair of those pale worn-out jeans, although I think they are among the very essentials a girl should own. Isn’t it a shame? Hop, on my shopping list!
Gradually adding more greenery to my apartment is one of my spring goals! Although I’m ridiculously black thumbed, I’m hoping that I can take care of 2 or 3 more plants. Succulents for the win!

They make for the perfect everyday lazy/comfy/easy outfits. I just need a new striped beauty like this cute Topshop striped tunic!

So I’ve been carrying the same purse around for 2 years and a half. Don’t I deserve a new one?!
White Converse shoes
White converse shoes have been on my wishlist for 3 years, it’s finally time I treat myself with those perfect classic & casual beauties!
Gym clothes
Having a beach body ready for summer is all about working out! And working out is always easier in cute & comfy shorts!


Overall / Oxfords / Striped dress / Cap / Jeans / Purse / Hair clips / Converse shoes / Rain boots / Plant / Shorts

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  1. aaaaaa la calotte ! noooo ! mais je suis d’accord avec tout le reste :) t’as beaucoup de goût mon amie!

    posted by roxane kardashian on
  2. On peut dire que je t’ai donné un petit coup de main avec la plante! Hihi et pour les converse blancs, ils sont aussi sur ma liste! :)

    posted by Chloé on

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