Well done / Freres d’encre branding

Some of you might know this, my brother Alex is a tattoo artist. He’s been doing this job for quite some time now and I’m very proud and impressed whenever I see an art piece he did (no wonder why I am so obessed with tattoo designs and all!). He’s been working full-time for Freres d’Encre, a tattoo shop situated downtown Trois-Rivières, ever since the shop opened in September 2010.

Recently, the shop launched their new mind-blowing branding along with an amazing website (all credits to Carolane Godbout and Sebastien Dust Leblanc) and I thought the team and designers deserved a well-done mention in here. Do take time to check it out! And make sure you take a look at the complete behance project here.

freres d'encre

Hope you guys are having an amazing week so far!


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