Ear Balm / Best show ever.

Last Sunday I was leaving Trois-Rivieres to go see my favorite band in Toronto ; The Gaslight Anthem. I knew they would be playing in Montreal and Quebec soon, but as the opening band for Rise Against, for who I’m not a big fan. Even if it was on a Monday night and it was 40 degrees outside, the room was packed. Dave Hause was playing first. It’s great to see an artist who appreciates the crowd this much. He played songs from his album Resolutions, but also songs by his band The Loved Ones and new material. After he finished his set, it took 30 extra long minutes for The Gaslight Anthem to enter the stage. They started their performance with Great Expectation, followed by their new single : 45. It was amazing. They played a lot of old songs and it was incredible to hear the crowd singing so much. Mr. Fallon was enjoying it, smiling as he was singing songs like Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts. The band played for almost 2 hours. They ended the show with a cover of CSI theme song, Baba O’Riley and i have to say that they do it so well! It was probably the last time that I could see Gaslight in a small venue like the Opera House and I appreciated every second of it. I sincerely hope you’ll have a chance to love a show like I loved that one.

P.S. : If you ever leave your band to become a worship singer, I’ll be extremely sad. (Love you, Dustin.)

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