Ear balm

Last night, I saw one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. Even if I didn’t really appreciate the two opening bands, it was definitely worth a car ride through the worst thunderstorm. It was my second time seing Thrice, the first time was at the Bamboozle festival last year, and I have to say that it was simply amazing. The set list was mind blowing. They performed old songs like “Kill me quickly” and “Deadbolt” but also played newer ones like the one at the very end, “Anthology”. They are not big entertainers on stage, they don’t tell stories or jokes between songs, but they are extremely talented at what they do. I’ll never get enough of Dustin’s voice, it’s unique. If you didn’t get the chance to see “The Farewell Tour”, you should hurry up and buy tickets, it’s totally worth it! (http://www.thrice.net/)

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