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I’ve been very busy lately ; moving back to my dear hometown, starting a new-old job, hanging out with friends I had not seen since forever (4 months pretty much feels like forever)…Well, if anyone other than Marie-Michelle noticed that I haven’t been writting here, I appologize! Now, I’m back!

I simply want to tell you about a few songs I can’t get enough of.

1- The Gaslight Anthem – 45
The Gaslight Anthem’s brand new song, 45, is totally delicious! I think that I could have listened to it for my whole 13 hour ride back home. It sounds a lot more like the songs we heard on the “59′ Sound” album.

2- Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out
I discovered Florence + the Machine a couple of months ago. Yes, I am very late, but I do love her music.

3- The Vaccines – If You Wanna
I’ve had this song on my iPod for a while and I’ve started listening to it abusively lately. You should try too.

4- Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks
Thanks to my dear friend Karine, this band rocks! They’re gonna play at Osheaga festival this summer, can’t wait!

5 – Feist – The Bad In Each Other
“Metals”, get it. That’s it!


I also listen to The National a lot. Dave Hause never disapoints me. The Black Keys every morning on my way to work. Jimmy Eat World in every playlist I make. If you ever want to share what you listen to with me, feel free to email me at [email protected], I’d love to discover new bands/songs/artists/whatever. Talk soon!

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