DIY / tulle pom flowers


Lately, I’ve been giving my living room a new look for springtime, with warm color accents. (I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to settle on a color combination, it feels like it will be constantly changing!) I love looking for new prints furnitures, flowers.. I love displaying flowers in a room. It just feels more inhabited. Since i’m a very bad plant keeper, and they all sadly end up in the garbage, I mostly use artificial flowers. Now that my new color accent are neon pink and orange, I thought why not make pom flowers with tulle! Here is a very easy way to make them and embellish your space:

  • Tulle, in several colors
  • Dry branches
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Cut 2 inches strips out of your tulle fabric.
  • Wrap it around your hand (like shown above). You might need several strips to have a thick pom.
  • Slide it off your hand and tie a knot in the middle. (You get something close to a bow)
  • Slide you scissors into each loop and cut it.
  • You get a quite messy pom. All you need to do is trim it a little bit.
  • Once you have the cutest tulle pom, insert it on the tip of a branch, and display your flowers in a cute vase.


Let me know if you make them! I’d like to know where you displayed them!


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