DIY / quote blanket



  • A blanket or duvet cover (you might want to sew it yourself if you don’t find any that fits your space, but as for myself, I found a really pretty one at IKEA)
  • few packs of dark fabric transfer paper (this is super important! Dark fabric transfer paper is white whereas other fabric transfer paper are transparent)
  • An Iron and an ironing board
  • A precision art knife or scissors
  • pencils (if you write manually)
  • An inkjet printer (if you prefer an existing font. I do!)
  • Wax paper



  • The first step in this project, is picking a short quote that inspires you or simply makes you smile.
  • Afterwards, you have to Write it in the good proportions. I used Adobe Illustrator to create a document that has the size of my duvet and write the quote in the actual size.
  • Print the outline of each letter in the transfer paper sheets (or draw them if you prefer a manual writing). Try to print more than one letter on a A4 sheet, it reduces the loss of transfer paper.
  • Cut them out. (You can use scissors but for the curves, I prefer a a precision art knife.)
  • A letter at a time, peel off the transfert paper from the paper backing. Place it at the right place on the fabric, cover it completely with wax paper and iron it using firm pressure. Peel the wax paper off gently. (If you’re being too rough, the white transfer might rip off!)
  • Tip: To make sure the letters are aligned, I used lines of masking tape. It leaves so trace on fabric)
  • Enjoy a perfect sleep in you new custom duvet! Go on, you deserve it!


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