Mix&Match / denim overall


There’s something about the denim & stripes match, don’t you think? As if it was meant to be! And since I have this everlasting obsession with denim overalls, it just feels natural to mix a striped jersey with this beloved statement piece. Oh and have I been clear enough about my love for rain boots? This would definitely complete my dream outfit today, with the rainy-but-kinda-warm weather. How I wish the sun would shine! Until then, carrying my mustard shoulder bag seems like a good way to brighten up my day.

Fun fact / Last week, one of my coworker wore about the exact same outfit. I showed her my drawing, we had a good laugh about it and we ended up assuming we had very similar tastes for outfits.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful (and not so rainy) week so far! xx


Mix&Match / high-waisted striped shorts

outfit / striped shorts

I recently had the opportunity to work on a character illustration using watercolor for a friend/client. Then came the idea of drawing myself in different outfits I wear daily and outfits I would love to wear (if my wallet wished the same) to experiment my watercolor techniques. Those sketches gave birth to this new mix&match column; an ongoing serie of self-portraits that I will posting here. Hope you guys like it!


From my closet / itsy bitsy bites


In the city where I live, there aren’t tons of speciality gourmet shops. There are a few, but this one is definitely my favorite. It’s a tiny little pinkish space where they sale delicious bite-size cupcakes (therefore the name of the shop, Minuscule, which is tiny in french). The first thing that caught my heart was the girly decor, but the taste of their sweet treats is quite convincing as well. I thought a girly outfit was the perfect pair for that occasion. This little black dress is an essential from my closet. The ruffles gives it a little funkyness, but no too much, so I can wear it on a more dressed-up event, depending on how I accessorize it. With a more casual look like this one, a tiny belt and pattern tights did just fine. And Isn’t that bag the cutest of all? Chloe gave it to me for Christmas. Yes, my sister-in-law is a real pearl when she wants to!

Minuscule_2Minuscule_3Minuscule_5 Minuscule_11

If you ever come here, you have to drop by for an afternoon snack! Omnomnom :)

Photography: Véronique Comeau
These photos were taken at Minuscule, downtown Trois-Rivières.
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From my closet / sequin crush


I don’t know exactly when that happened, but I’ve had a gigantic crush on sequin for a while now. I am fascitated by them, by their color, and how they reflect light in such a special way. One day, I was shopping with Roxane and she held that awesome mint sequin cardigan in my face and told me it was made for me. She was right I guess, it’s now one of my favorite pieces in my whole closet. Paired with one of my favorite pattern skirt and a pastel pink cami, it looks awesome. And I knew right away that was the outfit I was waiting for to wear those ruffle socks in my black wedges! YAY!


Now, if spring can only show up so I can pair those lovely socks with my summer dresses! I just CAN’T WAIT!

Photography: Véronique Comeau
These photos were taken downtown Trois-Rivières.
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From my closet / feeling boyish


There are days I would just sneak into my boyfriend’s closet and dress and his loose clothes all day. But somehow, the shape of a man and a woman’s body aren’t the same. That’s why I bought my own (right size) crew neck hoodie, and made a boyish look with it. I’ve been a fan of Glamour Kills clothing for quite a while. I’ve wore this hoodie more than you could imagine, actually. But now that I found this metal edge collar shirt for less than 20 dollars, I am totally in love with this outfit.


And those booties! Seriously, you have no idea how much red attracts strangers eyes until you wear a pair of shoes like that. It’s insane. And I have never gotten more compliments in a single day !

Photography: Véronique Comeau
These photos were taken at the ATD Boutique Atelier, downtown Trois-Rivières.
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From my closet / a pop of pink


Is there anything more comforting that a warm wool sweater on lazy weekend days? Now, don’t be afraid to take it out. Simply pair it with shorts and knee-high sock to upgrade its lazy look. And don’t fear accessories, like this huge golden necklace I would wear with almost any of my outfits. It feels great to invest in things you can mix and match in a thousand ways. And really, there’s nothing like a pop of pink on neutral tones.

morgane_3morgane_2 final_morgane

Photography: Véronique Comeau
These photos were taken at the Café Morgane, downtown Trois-Rivières.
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From my closet / Autumn color palette

Okay, so listen. I know how all good blogs have style post, because those columns are pretty much my favorite when I run down my blogroll. And I’ve been willing to add one here, but hey, it’s hard to take good pictures all by yourself, and I don’t pretty much like asking for it. And there’s this contest going on right now, some blogging contest I poor my heart into, willing to make it like you wouldn’t imagine. And I needed to send some photos of my style, that’s where I thought it was right to ask a friend for it. Thanks Xav, and here’s to my first style post!

I like making colour combination in my outfits as well as in my designs. And autumn colours make me really glad I’m not colorblind. Ha! (My tatoo artist brother is, though!) And this shirt I bought from Forever XII, will probably look worn out before I can even think about getting rid of it.

Photography: Xavier Staquet