Mixtape morning / feeling nostalgic


Last week, a friend asked me to send him some of my favorite songs to discover new bands and broaden his playlist. It reminded me how much I love sharing my music with people (remember, Roxane and I used to host a radio show?). Digging into my past for music that had changed my life, I felt sort of nostalgic, since every song reminds me of a feeling or moment in my life. Today, I decided to share some of them with you:

1. SPOON / The two sides of monsieur Valentine
2. BAND OF SKULLS / Patterns
3. THE KOOKS / Naive
4. BAND OF HORSES / The funeral
5. MATT COSTA / Mr. Pitiful
6. DALLAS GREEN / So low
7. JOSHUA RADIN / Paperweight
8. MELISSA AUF DER MAUR / Follow the map
9. EELS / Packing blankets

Enjoy, & hope those songs can somehow change your life for the better. xx


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