Mix&Match / denim overall


There’s something about the denim & stripes match, don’t you think? As if it was meant to be! And since I have this everlasting obsession with denim overalls, it just feels natural to mix a striped jersey with this beloved statement piece. Oh and have I been clear enough about my love for rain boots? This would definitely complete my dream outfit today, with the rainy-but-kinda-warm weather. How I wish the sun would shine! Until then, carrying my mustard shoulder bag seems like a good way to brighten up my day.

Fun fact / Last week, one of my coworker wore about the exact same outfit. I showed her my drawing, we had a good laugh about it and we ended up assuming we had very similar tastes for outfits.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful (and not so rainy) week so far! xx


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